4 thoughts on “For Stock Market Junkies, AOL's iPhone App, DailyFinance”

  1. there are times i hate not being based in the USA … and this is one such occasion when i can’t get access to certain “cool” application that are only available in US app store. bummer !!!

  2. Have you guys checked out PortfolioLive? I use it each and every day to track 3 of my portfolios (45 stocks in total). It is super easy to use, has advanced Portfolio management features (like shorts, multiple lots, cash). The devs are also releasing updates very frequently …

    Oh and it has an awesome realtime stock engine … you can barely see the little communication icon go off. No charts but there is no easier way to check your stocks while at line at the deli. Much faster and more accurate real time quotes than DailyFinance (which is not real time except on 1 screen).

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