Storage, the Rodney Dangerfield of technology

8 thoughts on “Storage, the Rodney Dangerfield of technology”

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  2. IMHO storage will be a service or commodity like electricity, gas, or bandwith… storage manufacturers need to innovate beyond just “disk space” and “casing design”…

    Guarantee a drive for life, offer standout software solutions for pain-free backups, or make it all virtual and let me have a secure (and backed up) copy of all of my stuff (all of it – including DVDs, CDs, Photos, Software, etc…) somewhere where I can access it from anywhere on the planet… now I would pay for that…

  3. They totally lack imagination in distinguishing themselves from the pack. I thought that some new built in flash caches were on the horizon that would speedup OS loading. There seems to be a lot of room for quieter and faster technologies. Everyone is very competitve about making the same exact thing. Never a broshure from these guys, no more television ads and few mag ads.

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