8 thoughts on “Storage, the Rodney Dangerfield of technology”

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  2. IMHO storage will be a service or commodity like electricity, gas, or bandwith… storage manufacturers need to innovate beyond just “disk space” and “casing design”…

    Guarantee a drive for life, offer standout software solutions for pain-free backups, or make it all virtual and let me have a secure (and backed up) copy of all of my stuff (all of it – including DVDs, CDs, Photos, Software, etc…) somewhere where I can access it from anywhere on the planet… now I would pay for that…

  3. They totally lack imagination in distinguishing themselves from the pack. I thought that some new built in flash caches were on the horizon that would speedup OS loading. There seems to be a lot of room for quieter and faster technologies. Everyone is very competitve about making the same exact thing. Never a broshure from these guys, no more television ads and few mag ads.

  4. Holographic Storage will even drive the cost down
    further according to Colossal Storage.

    Sandisk Flashcard Solid State Drives will Cost $ 90.00 a Gigabyte versus the Hard Drive

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