2 thoughts on “Strangeberry’s Secrets Revealed”

  1. An even better platform would be a digital media adapter that allows me to
    1) add cheap network storage when I need it
    2) access my networked media when my PC isn’t powered on, and
    3) avoid paying a $12.95 monthly subscription

    Further, it would great if the same box would allow me to download movies, webpages and radio from the Internet using my remote control.

    But wait! It basically already exists!

    As anyone who visited Prismiq’s booth at CES knows, that’s almost what their forthcoming Media Player/Recorder does.

    If they could integrate a storage controlling agent/driver into their DMA — such as what Netdisk does with their Netdisk Administrator for PCs — they could have the first PC-free, TiVo-free DMA that allows your media collection to scale at commodity storage prices.

    Mmmmmm…a TiVo’ish interface without having to overpay for the on-board storage…

    That’s what I’m waiting for.

    Robb McLarty

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