6 thoughts on “Streaming Radio, how quaint”

  1. One complaint I hear from iPod users is that they don’t know where to go for new music. One “advantage” to radio is that they get exposed to new music without having to make any effort–unlike checking websites for music info.

    I, too, have given up listening to radio. For new music, I tend to look over the iTMS “People who bought this also bought” lists and the occasional reference from someone else.

    That said, I imagine this is one of those things that makes record companies nervous about Apple. After all, how can the record companies promote the music that they want us to listen to? I imagine that they next round of negotiations will cause something similar to MTV’s corruption–the labels getting a bigger say in what music iTMS promotes.

  2. I think its not just Apple. The biggest problem record companies have is that they cannot be taste makers for the planet anymore and that’s the real shift in the consuming patterns of the music.

  3. Internet radio does NOT EQUAL music!

    The usual radio/tv/etc media are domain of abject morons. There is a dearth of interesting or insightful material. This is where internet is viable and valuable. People are sick of being treated like 2 year olds, with the kind of fascist censorhip where innocuous words like “shit” can not be spoken. When can I be treated as an adult? Where can I go to speak as an adult, to express adult opinions, and not have to endure the moronic propoganda by the shills of stupidity? And by adult, I do not mean x-rated, I mean mature and uncensored.

    I will pay for that content, spoken word not music, especially if I can listen when I want, perhaps by downloading archives of the programs.

    BTW, how’bout making the typing area for this reply larger? 17 inch monitor with a 1″ x 2″ typing box? Is that a joke or just your sadist inclination?

  4. joe good points u make. i look at the typing box and i see that its a good 4 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep. i am not sure if you are the only one with this problem. since i don’t have a PC i am not sure. just wondering if there are others who have the same problems

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