17 thoughts on “Facebook Clone Is Bought”

  1. Can anyone say “Friendster”? Facebook is shooting themselves in the foot big time, and quite frankly – they deserve it. Get greedy, and you get nothing.

  2. Why am I working? I should just look for another good idea and copy it in another language and sell for 100 million. Is there already delicious in Vietnamese? Maybe that’s my million dollar idea.

    This is ridiculous and annoying.

  3. @wtf: you are still working cause you think technology and looks alone will make a successful site. good luck with your vietnamese clone

  4. Zuckerberg is coming to my school in a few weeks and this is another thing I’m going to ask him about… we may get an interesting answer if I can phrase a question he’ll have difficulty dodging?

  5. India as a broadband economy?
    Broadband penetration in India is less than 1% amongst its internet users.

  6. according to the financial times germany its €85 million splittet into 50m direct payout and some more depending on some goals. so its not that 100m package most bloggers are talking about.

    holtzbrinck already bought 15% of studivz for about €2m a few months ago, so holtzbrinck-ventures already owned a part it.

  7. India story

    Even though community websites are being built in India the story would be very differnt from say the German or the Chinese examples. The distinct lack of a single language(there are way too many languages in India) usage means that most of the websites would still be in English(and even now english speakers form a majority of net users). Maybe connectivity could change that a little bit, but the sites that will be huge are not linguistic sites definitely.

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