3 thoughts on “Suburban Broadband?”

  1. see the Wall Street Journal and figure OUT where Comcast is going with this Broadband RACE to the FINISH LINE!!!
    Comcast can deploy Level3 right now!!!


  2. Jesse, i think this dude is talking about folks who don’t live in the suburbia and cannot afford the dollars so to speak. not sure what the noise and fury is about from the liberals, but i think there is more to worry about the rural areas which are lacking in market penetration even now

  3. I agree. I’m just saying that $100/month is not very much even for the impoverished, considering what you get for the money. Rural markets lack penetration because of low customer density, not poor customers. States could force RBOCs to build out DSL (they are regulated after all), but the RBOCS would rather spend money on lobbyists and lawyers than their networks. Why is that?

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