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  1. Apologies, but anyone who labels himself an “Entrepreneur in Action” probably wears a top hat, a bow tie, and black leather chaps, as well. No disrespect to Mr. Calacanis, whom I do not know, but it seems everyone is an entrepreneur these days. Search for “entrepreneur” on LinkedIn and be amazed at the thousands of wankers who claim that distinction. “Serial Entrepreneurs” by the score. How long must one be a “Serial Entrepreneur” before one is elevated to “Entrepreneur in Action”? Should I claim to be an “Entrepreneur in Training” on my LinkedIn profile if I once had an idea for a web app that held absolutely no promise?

    Okay, I’ll lighten up now.


  2. I think you get value when:

    a) you get over 500 or so contacts


    b) you do and outbound job request and alert all those contacts

    outside of that I haven’t found much value to be honest.

  3. Mild segue away from Mr. Calacanis…

    I recently noticed the advertising on LinkedIn.

    Then again, it might have always been there. I removed Adblock and Filterset.G Updater just to see what things were like these days on web properties I frequent.

    I’ve actually found LinkedIn to be very useful — and I am well under 500 contacts.

  4. Linkedin is a very good site – quite useful and getting moreso all the time. Its the only social networking site to really break into business.

    That being said, Mr. Calacanis strikes me as more than a little bit of an opportunist. Isn’t he busy destroying Digg, Dr. Evil-style, stroking a massive white cat while sitting atop his villain-chair? Oh, my mistake – that was last month. 🙂

    That being said, the folks at Sequoia Capital are sharp…

  5. Who is Calacanis and why is there news about him being on LinkedIn (who isn’t really)? Is he someone the business community should know about? Also why is there a feeling to this story that he didn’t like LinkedIn before?

  6. LinkedIn has been a wonderful resource for managing my professional network, staying in touch with peers I respect and their career changes.

    By the way, do you have Jason’s email address?

  7. They and other Bloggers seem suprised at the valuation of 250M for LinkedIn.

    I am not surprised at all.

    Lets do some of the math.
    If you are placing a 75K employee.
    How much is LinkedIn worth to you? A 1,000 seems reasonable and lets say you land 5 placements a year.
    That means you are willing to spend 5000 a year on Linkedin.

    Lets say there are 10,000 headhunters/companies willing to do that.

    Therefore 10,000 x 5,000 = 50,000,000 in annual revenue and thats just the placement market.

    Most Bloggers only focus on one small part of the value of LinkedIn.

    In their post Stefan and Cory speak about the cool aspects of LinkedIn and focus on the Job hunting.

    While I am always happy to hear that people have discovered the value of LinkedIn. I am surprised at the limitations they put on it.

    The finding a job part of LinkedIn is one of the things that make it useful which is what Stefan and Cory focused on.

    But, if you are not looking for a job – then why bother with LinkedIn?

    Here are just some of my thoughts on why LinkedIn is useful.

    1. If you are looking to sell a product – LinkedIn provides you a whole ton of potential contacts. Their profile tells you what they think is important and why. Therefore, if you a good sales person – you can prepare a good presentation tailored to the clients needs.
    2. If you are looking to sell a company – you can identify a whole number of potential merger or purchase partners.
    3. For example, I have a manufacturing client who wishes to sell his business here in Ontario and now I am discussing a purchase with people located in China and the United States.
    4. If you are looking to hire somebody – you have a whole description of who they are are and what they think.
    5. If you are looking to solve a problem – LinkedIn provides a very detailed description of potential people you can contact to discuss the problem. Sort of Napoleon Hill’s mastermind on steroids.
    6. If you are moving to a new city – there are a whole ton of people who have said – come and meet me. What a wonderful way to start a new move. I was asked by a fellow in California if I would introduce him to my contacts in Dallas. I said yes of course.
    7. If you want to export/import a product – LinkedIn provides you contacts all around the world. For example – somebody contacted me about exporting carpets from the Ukraine into Canada.
    8. If you are looking to hire somebody – LinkedIn provides you a list of contacts who may know other contacts to start your search. For example – I was able to help a fellow in England find a CFO located in Israel for a company owned in the US.

    I think this gives you just a smattering of what LinkedIn could be used for.

    And these are just the things I have discovered.

    Take Care


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