28 thoughts on “Suddenly, Verizon Loves Wi-Fi — What's That Apple Tablet Got To Do With It?”

  1. Oh jeez, every story involving Verizon has to have Apple tablet connections now? This is way too much of a stretch – seems contrived!

  2. Depends on the price, it would obviously be a great asset but its really only delaying the inevitable. Ideally concentrating on the 4G rollout is money better spent and I think Verizon’s subscriber base is large enough now to weather a little gadget jockying. Plus AT&T’s continued bad press and recent 4chan-gate problem doesn’t have anyone chomping at the bit to signup for more internet. I think its really a bad move, their focus should be no wireline reliance but there is always a price worth doing it.

  3. Verizon is now providing WiFi at thousands of hotspots across the USA, and it’s available to millions of Verizon broadband customers, both FiOS and High Speed Internet users, at no extra cost. Not just a regional service like cable, since we know our customers may travel anywhere in the country.

    Posted a bit ago to my Verizon At Home blog .

    1. Eric,

      As many who have posted to your blog have commented (myself included), why is there a need to download Verizon-specific, Windows-specific client software to use the service?

      It would also help to get the Firefox installer for the client software fixed, so that there isn’t an endless cycle of download the plugin, restart Firefox, download the plugin…

      1. Good points Robert. Verizon has given itself a black eye with this hurried product.
        Cablevision requires only a web portal login not a Windows Vista/Windows XP (SP3) specific applet that does not work with many connection managers (eg Lenovo access).

        Not working with Macs in particular is very unwise. Macbooks are rife around here.
        Also it does not work with Windows 7….

        If a web portal works for Cablevision Eric, why can’t Verizon do the same? Your FIOS service is second to none. This wifi product doe not measure up to the competition.

  4. As much as I want to see an Apple Tablet, I worry about the credibility and motive of the source of this rumor. While I am not really a fan of Cramer, the youtube below summarizes the secret, illegal hedge fund tactics in which false rumors are spread to journalists about highly speculative stocks so they can ensure they profit (illegally) on holdings.

    If you are impatient, just skip straight to 3:30 where Cramer explains exactly how the industry manipulates Apple. If you like investing in the tech industry, go back and watch the whole 6 minute video a time or two; he mentions RIM and Palm as well. There are financial textbooks dedicated to this stuff that aren’t as informative. Might be an eye-opener for a few people.

  5. well, i’m a FIOS customer, went to signup and it is WINDOWS only right now – so something must be changing if you’re dreaming up an apple tablet connection…there is currently no way for a Mac-using fios customer to enjoy the free wifi 😉

  6. Only windows users can use this! The fine print on the Verizon website says: “Verizon Wi-Fi is not available for PDAs, phones, desktop PCs or Macs.”

  7. Above post appeared in July. Well, here it is mid-November, and still no Verizon support for Mac OSX on their Wi-Fi hotspots. Still waiting…

  8. How about: nothing?

    I just became eligible for the free Verizon WiFi. Guess what? Mac OS is not supported — only the most recent version of Windows. The software determining if my computer met their specification kindly informed me that I would not be able to access free Verizon WiFi until after I (ahem!), “upgrade” my operating system.

    The real pisser of course is that there is no technical reason whatsoever that WiFi access should be enabled or not based on some proprietary Verizon crapware that they want to put on our machines, regardless of the OS, is there?

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