8 thoughts on “Summly wants to make news summaries cool”

  1. Er, isn’t the first paragraph of most news stories a summary anyway? I thought journos knew people don’t read the whole article so they should put the most important stuff first…

  2. The whole purpose of summarization is to go beyond the catchy phrases used in the first paragraph to the meat of the article.
    It is an interesting problem space. Companies like Summify and Topicmarks have worked on it. WikiSeer is another company working in this space.

  3. Yami97 – wikiseer seems to be an ad targetting platform, not a summarizing engine. Topicmarks was acquired by Tagged. The present competitors to Summly are Circa fm Ben Huh and Wavii fm Adrian Aoun. Just as topicmarks got acquired i do think the same will happen to summly as well. I have covered this in my blog where I have reviewed news summarizing apps as a category – see http://sajithpai.com/newspapers/news-summarizing-latest-hottest-online-news-startup-trend/

  4. Sajith – yes, WikiSeer is now into field of semantic targeting but if you go to the Apple App Store, you can download the original experimental summarization app from WikiSeer developed about 2 years back which works on all kinds of textual site. You can also check out original articles and reviews on WikiSeer’s Facebook page.

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