17 thoughts on “At Amazon, Sun Coming Out From the Cloud”

  1. “We are a company whose assets go home every night.”

    MLP stole that line from Narayan Murthy of Infosys. The other half of it is: “We have to figure out how to bring them back in the morning.”

    My money is on Sun announcing some deal offering AWS API’s on corporate specific clusters. In other words, each company will have its own cloud to solve the regulatory issues MLP hinted at.

  2. “build their own clouds”

    Why pharmas and banks shouldn’t just buy a 64 processors ibm machine and put it in the basement??

  3. “To web developers, Sun is MySQL”. Still many web developers do not know or do not want to know that MySQL is part of Sun. Sun has been so reluctant to open source java. They have a lot to do to prove that they are commited to MySQL open source community. ( Sure, they will do whatever possible to keep the enterprise customers happy) So developers see this MySQL acquisition more as coup d’état. IBM is better than Sun when it comes to open source contributions.

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