11 thoughts on “SunRocket, aka yet another VoIP company, launches”

  1. But once we discover the ever elusive purple minutes, we will see it to be the glow of a glorious sun rise. (Oh. Ignore me. Just killing time waiting for a train to go to a next city.)

  2. The only VoIP carriers I waiting to see are Nextel and T-Mobile. RBOCs and Sprint PCS will pass on VoIP because they don’t want to piss off their own local division.

    Nextel and T-Mobile could seed the market quickly by offering free calls to all current Nextel or T-Mobile cellphone subs.

    A very easy way to ramp (low CPGA) subs is to target college kids (who have free wired broadband) and a cellphone paid for by Dad.

    Overage charges make Dad mad, so induce your subs to move some traffic to the internet. Then get the viral kicker by Dorm room WOM and signing up Mom and Dad also.

    A $10 ARPU addon for cellphone subs from just a piece of software sure beats the pants off a massive CAPEX investment, but thats just me.

  3. RBOCs are going to jump all over VOIP to force the regulators to fix the stupid internet/VOIP regulatory arbitrage play.

    If the tax dollars from PSTN dry up, you can be sure that taxes on internet/VOIP will soon appear. The RBOCs need to avoid their customers getting taxed to even the playing field. Do you really think that the FTTP plays by the RBOCs will not be VOIP?

  4. Om,

    Is Nokia making a VoIP/GSM and possibly WiFi phone soon? Why else would they invest in a landline replacement play?

    I’ve seen them invest in other non cellular companies and never figured out how they choose to invest.


  5. HEY, MY “””SUN”” ROCKET is Level3 so what can I say, ANOTHER VOIP wannabee with good ole Multiple Criminals Indicted leading the way………..

    I DO like the marketing of the ””FREE ”” Virtual Number and the FREE 100 minutes to a foreign country though…………

    Just Crank up PRINCE and figure it out in 5 years and MAYBE Skibare WILL Be partying like its 1999 all over again riding the Level3 SUN ROCKET!


  6. Sunrocket.com….They started OK, their technical support and customer service are the worst. No compariosn to Vonage, ATT and Cox. Pay a little for a better product. Definitely not SUnrocket.

  7. Loving SunRocket now!!!
    Tech support? Haven’t needed it so far, their stuff was simple to set up.
    Customer service? Excellent.

  8. Apparently Joyce was one of many VPs at a very bureacratic MCI. I am curious how her and the founders will run a start up. Nimble and frugal or will they layer in layers of red tape bureacrucy. I am not impressed with their efforts to date nor pureplays in this space.

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