291 thoughts on “SunRocket is Toast, MEMO”

  1. WOW I’m a current customer who’s wife is NOT going to be happy that we did the $199/2 year deal. Crap!
    Hopefully I can get my number transfered to ViaTalk okay.

  2. I called customer service – and recieved the message “We are no longer accepting customer service calls” and then the dreadful hangup.

    I guess I paid two hundred dollars for six months of service as well.

  3. Yep – All is down and the Call Center In Springfield, Mo that handled all of our CS and Tech calls are also out of jobs for now.

  4. I am glad I am a Vonage customer. Their service and features are far superior then what any other VOIP provider offers anyway and the service is cheap.

  5. My Sunrocket service is working right now. As a matter of fact, it has never gone down in the 6-months that I’ve had it. So far, Sunrocket’s corporate problems aren’t affecting me.

  6. I just got laid off at the only call center SunRocket had. None of our supervisors or any management of any kind where aware this was happen until I decided to call the 800 number when we had no calls. There was no warning at all about this, not even the higher-ups of my center knew about this.

  7. Just tried to call their customer support line: 1-800-786-0132

    The message says “We are no longer taking customer support or sales calls. Goodbye.”

    Looks like I’m out the rest of my annual subscription.

  8. FYI – I switched to ViaTalk a few months ago from SR and glad I did considering what is going down…. just from reading the ViaTalk blogs on vtinside and the company profile, it doesn’t look like it’s going to have any problems like SR (corporate takeovers, stuff like that). I wouldn’t be surprised if ViaTalk starts offering ridiculous offers for ex-SR customers, so keep an eye out for that. Hope this helps, good luck SR peeps!

  9. Wow this is too bad. I have 3 lines and have paid $200/year for each. Any idea what can be done now to get our money back? Burned thrice.. it hurts.

  10. One of the reasons it seems that the Rocket is running into the Sun is that the liability the pre-paid service was to any potential buyers.

    I had a friend of mine buy this pre-paid plan instead of Vonage as I suggested just about a month ago!

  11. Will we get our money back?
    can we complaint about this to anyone?

    Don’t u guys think sunrocket Mngt shd be punished?

    can we file a CAS against sunrocket company?

  12. This is why you NEVER pay for service in advance. If charge within 60 days, you can dispute it with CC company. If more than 60 days, you are probably out of luck.

    When the cost of a pre-paid 2 year subscription is less than the cost to provide the service, what did you people think would happen?

    I was on month-to-month. Paid more, but got out two months ago because I thought service was crap. Went to Vonage and AT&T. Much happier now.

  13. If you hurry now, you may be able to move that line over to somebody else before SunR goes totally belly up

  14. I’m part of a company called 5linx that has solid voip service, competive rates, video phones that work with our voip, and the first ever voip cell phones that use any wi-fi or wi-max connection.

    If you’re looking for a service to port your number to or an opportunity with a solid company, get a hold of me

    Michael O’Connor

  15. Anyone hear of GrandCentral.com? It’s a good thing to have when you might be bouncing around to different providers or phone numbers….

    Through my own problems with Vonage, I’m using skype pretty much full time now, but I use GrandCentral to ring my skype and cell phone at the same time. The beauty is that I know I can switch to whatever works best without having to worry what phone number I end up with, since the GrandCentral number never changes and will ring whatever phones I set up in it. I know I sound like a GC employee, but it really is that slick.

  16. Sorry for all the folks at sunrocket that got shafted by this, hope you all get on your feet real quick. As for a CAS, against who, they obviously went belly up!. For those looking for a good reliable service, I’ve been using Lingo for about 3 years with no problems. Good alternative to Vonage when they weren’t offering free calls to Europe (I know they are now)

  17. Its COB Monday ‘n my SR line is operating well.

    Perhaps they are transfering some custimers over to other carriers as the NYT article hinted.

  18. This is my second year of Sunrocket, about 9 months into my second year, so this won’t hurt too bad.

    Unless I can’t port my number, then the wife will hit the roof!!!

    I ordered a magicjack a few days ago when I heard the first whispers of the impending shutdown, but that’s not a total solution.

    The sunrocket price was the big seller for me. There is no plus for paying vonage or comcast the same price as a local landline. I’ll look into viatalk as well but will consider this a lesson learned.

  19. If they are going into Chapter 7 bankruptcy (the kind where you close up shop, not the Chapter 11 version where you reorganize and try to stay alive), you are pretty much out of luck if your credit card charge is more than a couple of months old. Debtors to whom they have cash obligations will be at the front of the line. You will probably get nothing. You could sue, but bankruptcy law specifies how this stuff works, and you are unlikely to get anything. Remember, you’re going after the picked-over carcass of a company – you can’t collect if they have no money.

    Not a lawyer, just worked for a company that went bankrupt once.

  20. Same here … SR Gizmo is just blinking red light. No incoming/outgoing calls. Is there anyway to get the money back … I had ordered it just 2 months back.

  21. Well, my “Run” light is red – and no phone lines are working… I guess I got snowed for four months of phone at $50 / month with the prepaid. Crooks. “The no gotcha phone company” my a$$.

  22. guys, i would stop chasing the freebies and the bargains. technology costs money – period. ask sunrocket. i sat in a meeting with the sunrocket executives a year ago and was absolutely amazed that they continually stated that their biggest competitor was vonage. when i asked about the cable companies – with very deep pockets, millions of existing customers and huge marketing organizations and budgets – they looked at me like i had two heads. their response was that cable wants to bundle services and therefore will not be price competitive. well, fair enough, but their shit works and they have money. my time warner voip has been absolutely bulletproof for almost two years, zero outages and QoS off the scale – and i’m in the business and i’m very hard to impress. there are more sunrockets out there. play it safe, don’t prepay, go with your local cable company.

  23. I sure there is something illegal about what sunrocket is doing. You can not just abandon an essential service like a telephone – what about the elderly, handicapped, etc.

  24. My Sunrocket service is still working, haven’t had any problems recently. Glad I’m on the monthly plan.

  25. My service is deal. No e-mail from Sun Rocket. No information on Sun Rocket website. No one at the customer service. This is a sad story. I have had great service from Sun Rocket ( a lot better than Vonage, yes, I have used Vonage as well).

  26. I’ve been with Sunrocket over a year. Curious if anybody knows how to get my primary phone number transfered to my new provider if Sunrocket is dead.

  27. I have both home and a business line with Sunrocket. My business line number was just transferred after 1.5 months; I received confirmation of the transfer on 7/10. I hope the executives that made the cowardly decision to just vanish, share in the demise of the company. Thanks for jeopardizing my small company through your selfishness. I hope you rot. Hopefully, I can get my number transferred back to my telco that won’t abandon me.

  28. We switched over to viatalk from sunrocket. Almost same program, same price, etc. The catch is, you have only ’til midnight tonight to get the program for $199 for 15 months and credit for unused paid-for sunrocket months will be added to your account. Your gizmo and telephones are not usuable, however, you can receive viatalk’s new equipment with free shipping if you put the words SHIPFREE in the promo code. Only ’til midnight 9/16!

  29. Well, sorry SunRocket customers. As for those who went to SunRocket (and others) from Vonage – have you tried it lately? I have been on Vonage since the early (VERY bad) days, and I must say that they have vastly improved over, say, 2 years (or even a year) ago. The service is very reliable now – to the point that my family and I forget that we’re not with the phone company anymore. We have MONTHS of uptime, no issues at all. And I have to say that the free Europe calls ROCK – that alone has saved me hundreds of dollars already.

    Just a thought – you might want to give them another look-see…


  30. I just called No Gotcha…SR customer service and got the same msg.”we are no longer accepting new customers” Goodbye!!

    “Run” light blinking red…but my phone is still working!! I have noticed this few months back also.

    Very important..I just called Optimum..they advice, your SR service will be out by mid-night 07/16…So, hurry up and do whatever you can do to keep your service up by transferring to Via or Vonage may be as many of you sugeested earlier.

    Is there any new reliable deals??

    How can I get my money back? It’s been four month by end of this week. Please advise.

  31. I noticed my run light flashing RED last night and chalked it up to one of the midnight system updates, but this morning it was still blinking. I left it alone figuring I would piss off the family members that are continuously burning it up, by waiting a while before attempting to reset everything. Later calls were coming in and a couple went out even though the run light was still blinking red, but now it is hit or miss.

    SR just renewed me about 25 days ago, I have already sent off a query to my bank about disputing the charge if they do not follow through with moving me to a satisfactory provider. Reminds me of 5 years back when Twister Communications folded up operations with no word to anyone.


  32. As a recently fired tech support agent, Ive seen this comming for months now. I worked day in and day out trying to fix issues with the service( i.e. Faxing, Inside wiring, TiVo, sat. tv service and not to mention just the bacic service it self) and to no avail the same issues would never get fixed.They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy new opperations systems for Customer servcice and Tech. agents to be better equipted to handle day in day out issus. But, when the Information that they supply to the reps. is flat out wrong or at best incomplete. No Wonder customer satisfaction is the lowest in the industry. No wonder the other guys ( Cable co, Vontage ect) are doing so much better in the Voip market. Its all about the servce, and for the most part VOIP across the bord SUCKS!!! Its not the same servcice as traditional LAN phone service and will never be. It was all about saving the money for the co. and not doing anything to help the customer. Its sad to think that a company that had so much going for it is now in the toilet due to lack of advertising, a lack of money being spent to fix the issuse that bogged it down, and most of all the lack of care that it takes to make a co. run correctly. 3mo ago in the call center in Springfield Mo, SunRocket fired the entire Sale Dpt. Reps, Managers Supervisors EVERYONE!! Then told everone else that are jobs were safe. BUllSHIT!! I was fired due to questioning accoutning about an error on my check. One of many errors I seen not just for myself, but many people in my call center. This was not a suprise to anyone who worked for the co. for any amount of time. But anyway, for those of you who are in the market for new phone service, AVOID VOIP SERVICE ( other than cable providers) AVOID THE CHEAP WAY OUT. Go LAN or just use your cell!!

  33. The best option would to tranfer the customers of sunrocket to other carrier, rather than ditching customer in the middle of sea.

    Hope this happens.

  34. My service went dead around 8pm tonight, but I was able to login to my account and forward my calls to another number. Calls are still forwarding as of now.

  35. I wonder if it’s the monthly folks that’ll continue to work and the pre-paid folks that are SOL.


  36. my phone line is still active, time now is 12:02 AM 17-Jul. Keeping my fingers crossed after going through the comments.

  37. So why did it happen and what can we learn from it? Well, yes you can make an operating profit at $199 a year (not for 2 years though…). The killer is the customer acquisition costs. That is why I believe that the survivors of the VoiP wars will be those who do not have customer acquisition costs. Read = cable.
    The other option is – If you are a small service provider, an ISP, a computers services company, a small CLEC, and you own customers, you can offer them VoIP services at a low cost. The key is don’t try to acquire customers in the open.
    For more ideas – look at my blog 🙂

  38. I sold SunRocket for years as an agent. Man it’s going to hurt to lose those commissions. While I feel bad about people who signed up and then didn’t get a full years worth of service, I feel even worse about not being able to feed my kids next month.

  39. I have it on good authority that the SR customers will have to fend for themselves. When the company officially closed its doors yesterday, there were still some efforts behind the scenes to find a competitor willing to purchase the rights to its customer-base (resulting in a no-downtime situation). Unfortunately, time was not on their side and a decision was made to scrap the initiative since it would require further financial and human resources.

  40. This should not come as a surprise to anyone. I signed up for SunRocket not once, but twice. I cancelled the first time when I couldn’t get more than 3 days uptime in a row. They convinced me to try them again claiming they had fixed their technical issues, but with the same results. I moved to viatalk, and ahve had no problems whatsoever. Vonage was also solid, however was more costly and lacked some features. Long term, if you pre-pay, you take your chances. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the comments of many. The cable companies have the stability and lower cost of operation. But their pricing isn’t better in my market than traditional telco. So what’s the point of switching to VoIP?

  41. As someone said above, technology does cost money, and in a industry where profits are thin to start, how can anyone expect these sort of companies to stay in business and perform at a level that you expect … Seems like nowadays, anything web-centric, be it hosting or voip or some other latest cry services, people expect it to cost a “buck a month” or so…

    Granted, $199 for a two year deal is an incredible deal — but can $8.xx/mo per subscriber allow a company sufficient resources to provide even just the basic service — not to mention customer acquisition and retention costs??? Sometimes it’s best to do the math.

    My business learned the hard way long ago, and now are very happy using a small but reliable outfit called USTI.net for our voip and internet needs. Sorry to say, I think they don’t provide residential services, so not much help.

  42. WhOm can I contact…? I just want my money back for unused months… I paid $299 for a whole year in May, 2007…. This is hard earned money… I cannot be duped in this fraudlent manner? Please help!!!! Send me some info or numbers I can contact… please…

  43. Get the legal system and governmaent involved.

    File a complaint with the FCC at:

    Mention something like:

    SunRocket, a VoIP telephone provider based in Vienna, VA disconnected my prepaid telephone and E-911 service on July 17, 2007 without ANY required advanced customer notification or alternative service options, leaving me at significant risk without 911 capabilities. The company’s executives should be arrested and jailed for putting approximately 160,000 households at such risk.

    Also contact your local Attorney General and demand that the executives that made the decision to leave customers without phone service and E-911 service be arrested for public endangerment.

  44. How do we find out when and to who we will be transferred to? There has to be some way for us to find out, this is nuts!

  45. The only time you can dispute credit card charges is when you didn’t make the purchase. If you did make the purchase, and even if some dirt bag on e-bay didn’t ship you the product, the credit company will hear nothing of it. Same would be true for this scenario.

  46. I found a new VoIP provider. InPhonex has been in business since 2003. They have subscribers in over 150 countries and get this…. they’re profitable.

    Those looking for a new provider should check out their trade in program which allows new users to send in their existing VoIP device for credit towards a new one: http://www.inphonex.com/services/trade-in-program.php

    Also, they offer porting of your phone number. Good luck to all Sun Rocket Victims

  47. I think it is pretty funny that “Jon…Former SunRocktet Tech Support Agent.” talks about how bad SunRocket was, how bad VOIP is and you should stick to a “LAN Line”. Huh. A LAN Line? I wonder why he was fired?

  48. My Sunrocket phone was dead last night around 8:00 PM, and it is still not working as of right now, call forwarding is not working too, anybody get any other suggestions?


  49. As of this AM (July 17th), incoming and outgoing calls were working, but no VM. I was one of the early subscribers to SR (annual contract). Too bad they are tanking. They had quality problems early on, but seemed to be getting through them.

  50. Eh. I knew at their prices bankruptcy was a real risk. I still paid less for 7 months service then I had been for traditional phone service. That’s why I made sure my wife and I had cells for backup. So now we sign up somewhere else. Welcome to capitalism.


  52. Guys just get a LAN line, why trying to get cheap service if you cna get a LAN line which is more effective, reliable and with a company you will trust. VOIP is the boom at this moment but think on the tech they will have to use to keep it running, it’s funny when people try to get dirt cheap things, and not think that there are operating costs that companies have to incur. Good luck guys, Cheap is always more expensive. Plus you have to get your internet running all the time so u use your electricity plus you burn your modem and shit. that comes after and after them buy a new modem from the internet company.

  53. I’m a very happy customer of sipphone.com / gizmoproject.com.

    The service is inexpensive and reliable. There is limited customer support but if you’re a bit of a techie, and willing to learn about the world of VOIP, PAP’s, etc., it’s worth the time. The only drawback to their service for me was that they couldn’t port an existing number.

    I considered sunrocket until I had a chat with their sales department.

  54. We signed up in March of 07. I contacted Chase and they issued a credit to my card for the unused portion of what is left on my year with Sunrocket. Hopefully my number will port OK to Cavalier’s Phonom VOIP.

  55. Wow, just talked to my wife on our Sunrocket line 2-1/2 hours ago and now it is dead. I had no idea this was coming so I am a bit stunned. We all have cell phones now so I just need to convince my wife to let the home line go…

  56. My sunrocket is dead. Thankfully I have SKYPE. Same service, better pricing. $49/year unlimited calling. I have CIT400 phone. All can be purchased at skype.com

  57. I just filed a chargeback on my CC for a partial refund, I signed up on 3/31/07. If you’ve signed up within the last 120 days, call your bank, chances are you can dispute and get at least a partial refund. I am…

  58. Does anyone know if this affects the cabel company Wide Open West at all? They offer VoIP. I think that WOW subcontracts its service out. I just hope it isn’t to SunRocket. Please send mail to zathross@juno.com

  59. I just switched to Verizon VoiceWing. $24.95 per month for unlimited US and Canada calling. All the same bells and whistles that SunRocket and Vonage offered. And I doubt they will go dark with no notice the way that SunRocket did.

  60. Just bought the plan last week. Received the equipment yesterday and imagine my horror when I saw this in the morning.

    Even if I am porting the number, the 200 bucks that I paid are down the drain. Am I right?

    Also, what does a debit card user do? I paid through debit and don’t know how I can dispute this in any other way than “fradulent charge”.

    Some help would be good here.

  61. I have to laugh at the folks going “how can they do this” and “where’s my money!!”. Sadly, there will be no refunds, cause the company has no money. I’m luck in that this is the last month of my second prepaid year, so I’m out two weeks of service. But I expected every day of every week of every month for SR to go belly up. I knew when I prepaid that I had a 50/50 (or worse) shot at getting a years worth of service. I knew they couldn’t make it with those kind of deals but I figured I’d ride it as long as I could. Maybe service levels varied depending upon location cause in Florida, my service has been rock-solid. It’s still working for incoming calls but outgoing are hit-and-miss. I called TW this morning and will start up with them next Monday for $15 per month. I’ll miss the signature number but what the heck. Folks, you pays your money and you takes your chances. Welcome to life!

  62. I signed up in May for the promotional $99 for the first year using my debit card. Luckily enough for me because it was within 60 days I was able to dispute the charge and got my entire $106.52 back. Anything older than 60 days on a debit card and you may be out of luck. Going back to Vonage. Hope this same thing doesn’t happen to the,

  63. After a flawless year of the heavy use I made of SunRocket, I renewed a couple of months ago at $199. for another year. So, I paid a hundred a month for a couple of months.

    Compared to what everything else costs these days, this voip stuff is chump change.

    I’m sorry for the people who lost their jobs, but it’s not the end of the world. “Peak Oil” will take care of that. That’s what you should be concerned about.

  64. Hello, like many of you, my service is hit or miss, mostly I am getting incoming calls at the moment. I can’t call long distance at all. I have to say, my service with Vonage sucked all around. I jumped to Sunrocket and I had darn good service, worth what I paid at least, for over a year. I paid a year and was supposed to get a year. Oh well, I saved more than I paid. But the thing that upsets me, is that I have a child in the hospital, and although I do have another phone, it isn’t unlimitted and with no warning, you can imagine the hard spot this puts me into.

    Anyways, for those that paid by Visa, MC, Amex, etc. including those that are check cards or debit cards featuring that logo, you should be able to get a charge back in full or part, for the services either provided or not provided. Easier to get full back, with service not even started and equipment not hooked up, last 60 days, etc. I’ve had to do this before. It doesn’t matter if you authorized it or not, the service hasn’t been fully provided and therefore (spelling?), you should get it back. Be cautious however, because some banks will give it back to you and then take it back, because of the response from the company. So you may get one, but you may have to fight hard to keep it.

    Like someone said, it is doubtful that any of us will see a credit any time soon. Like I said above, in many ways, we are happy to have saved what we did. But at the same time, am horrified that there was no warning sent to us and no opportunity was given to us, to find another service. I would have paid more, an additional charge, than have my service ended like this.

    Good luck to the employee’s, except the ones that helped cause this downfall, whomever they may be and good luck to my fellow SR users.

    P.S. I have talked to a rep from Nuvio.com named Joe, his details were on a site I googled. He was very personable and said they were doing their best to help SR users. I have heard great things about them and about viatalk.com both have been mentioned multiple times, on several sites, as both reliable and fairly priced services with longevity or staying power. I thought I would just mention what my research to date has brought. Via is offering up to 6 months, buyout on your service with one year plan, Nuvio was offering the $199 deal as a safe landing pad for current SR users.

  65. You can still go to the website and have calls forwarded to other numbers. At least people can still call you.

  66. Your best bet is to find an ISP that has some ability to control the QoS coming into your residence. Also ISPs are not at risk going out of business as they have steady revenue from Internet Access and offering VoIP is only going to enhance their revenue. Anyone offering only VoIP is doomed to fail as the margins are very very low.

    Also as noted earlier, you pay for what you get. Low cost service providers typically use Asterisks platforms which tend to be unreliable.

  67. My condolences to the employees of Sunrocket.The Future is still geared to companies in this industry that can survive the constant pressure from all the traditional phone companies. You have seen what they can do to smaller startup, companies from obtaining and providing a service that would actually save consumers money. It is still a monopoly with AT&T when all of the Ma Bell companies got back together creating the new AT&T. The fact that Verizon went after Vonage merely states that they are preparing to put up a fight to shut down all VOIP Companies. Once they notice that they are taking a large portion of their customers they will stop at nothing to shut them down.( THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION AND NOT OF THE COMPANY THAT I REPRESENT.) For the employees of these VOIP companies that are being shut down you must open your talent and work for yourselves in a Company that has proven itself in the Industry AND IS AN INC 500 COMPANY. Be in business for yourself but not by yourself.The only way to provide for your families is to work side by side in a NETWORK MARKETING field. THE VEHICLE TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM. These traditional companies cannot compete with the direct marketing industry.


    For customers of sunrocket and others we have the best of the best services for your money as far as the newest technologies. Be in business for yourself but not by yourself. GOOD LUCK

  68. My year ended in June and I am happy I didnt go ahead and pay for another full year. I thought about going month-to-month and waited for July’s invoice. It came a couple days ago and they didnt even charge for my international calls. I just signed up for VOIPYourLife. I was caller 95 in Viatalk’s queue… My sunrocket appears to be working on and off….

  69. i like all these guys from no name voip providers listing their phone numbers selling their service.. totally the wrong place to post this.. what makes you think people are going to go your way when they havent even heard of you..if anything they are going to their cable or back to TDM! hey! at least it works

  70. Well I’m sure disappointed to say the least. I could care less about features, I just need a phone for outgoing calls. Don’t need voice mail, or anything else. This is why I chose SunRocket cause for me, it was a fair price and has worked nearly flawlessly. Comcast and others wanted way more money for stuff I don’t need. I guess I’m not as bad off as some because I got about the same amount of service till now ($200 * 8 months) as it would have cost with anyone else. Just a pain if I have to switch.

  71. missK you must work for the expensive cable companies.their services dont work all the time.Im sorry to say your sadly mistaken

  72. Special announcement for Sun Rocket refugees

    Aptela (www.aptela.com), the leader in VOIP and hosted pbx for businesses is ready to help any and all businesses that are former clients of Sun Rocket. I have already “saved” 5 clients today and am more than able to help the rest.

    I can be reached at the information below and look forward to speaking with any one of you.
    800.979.4638 x9425

  73. We get distant incoming calls with no voice. Local calls seem to be ok. I wonder why all lights on the gismo are flashing correctly if SunRocket is toast…

  74. I thought I was S.O.L., but Chase credit came thru for me in getting my pro-rated money back ( nearly 10 unused months ). Call your credit card company. I didn’t think it was possible to get any money back, but it apparently is.
    Now to find a new VOIP without getting into the same situation.

  75. FYI, for those that signed up over 60 days ago (mine was charged March 30, 2007) you may have some luck if you explain to the credit card rep that the merchant is not responding to emails and phone calls and has completely shut down. I just called Amex for the 2nd time and rep initially said “since it was over 60 days they couldn’t do anything.” I then explained the situation, and she went ahead and did an “override”. I got the temporary refund. Will see how it goes long term.

  76. Upon being screwed by Sunrocket I signed up with voip.com yesterday. I purposely did not go with Vonage because of the impending Verizon lawsuit. I received an e-mail from voip.com last night that my equipment had been shipped. Upon checking with Fedex today I find that Fedex only picked up the package in Irving, TX late today. What A bunch of liars. I’m going back to Verizon.

  77. I doubt we could file a class action suit again because there has been no bad faith. You could file complaints with either the BBB or the FTC that might help. Now I am sure we are going to get something out of this I don’t know how it could be refunds, settlements, service transfer, etc. I prepaid for a year and I am right at five or six months right now. One more thing.

    Should I loose out on my $ 100 or so I have a few ideas about how to get it, the first is finding a SunRocket exec and taking it out of his ASS! The second is finding one of these assholes here, who are playing Mr. I Told You So because Hindsight is always 20/20, and beating the living shit out of one of them. I am addicted to Pig Testosterone so it enhances my violent temper and there is nothing that makes me more violent than loosing money.

  78. Just called discover about my SR account, they will credit anything less than 6 months on the bill without much headache, anything more than 6mos you might need to do something more. Said they will post temporary credit and final decision should be about 30 days. Renewed my plan on 3/07 so I was covered under 6mos. All you need to do is talk to disputes and let them know you emailed/called SR and received no response. I had both land line and SR so I am still OK. Sorry for others that only used SR and those employee’s that they canned so abruptly. I liked the service even tho I did not use it often.

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  80. Sunrocket could’ve at least shown some class and notified their customers they were closing down instead just turning off the surface without a warning.

    That seems typical of American corporate ethics today — they aren’t any.

  81. They better get me at least a service transfer for six months or I will never have a Broadband Phone again dammit. What else, oh yes, shit I might just a $ 16.85 SWBC/ATT Basic Phone for the hell of it. At least I will have a local number. For those of you who got cheated, God Bless you, God Help You. For those of you who are saying I told you say may God damn your whining ass because if I have to fight more than one person at a time I fight dirty baby, dirty we are talking mace, police batons, zappers, tazers, cow shockers MOOOOOO Jeanette, Yoda Puppet and Fauby’s dog Xander.

  82. Publicity friends we are all safe. Either the other Voips bail US out from this Quagmire, giddy giddy, all right, or the people and customers loose faith in the entire industry so they must bail US out, good.

  83. Angry? You bet! Do what lots of others have successfully done. Contact your Credit Card company and dispute the charge. Every major credit card company already is WELL AWARE of the problems with Sunrocket and appear to be fast-tracking the process. I just got off the phone with Discover.

  84. I noticed Vonage.com has a banner on their homepage instructing SunRocket customers to call a specific number for a “Special Transitional Offer”. Anyone know what that is? The wait time is up to 20 min right now.

  85. Here is a great Global Voip service that works super clear on dialup and broadband connections with a real phone. You can also make in this Business.
    Check it out. I have the phone and love it and well with the Business.

  86. I had SR for 2 years……..It is very dissapointing to just be dumped without a ride. Makes me feel like a teen again. Just signed up for Comcast Voip for $33 a month. Same cale line I used with SR…Geeze…The poster that said landline is better is right, but they need to come down in their prices if they want business back…

  87. I use BellSouth/ATT with a “Residential Message Rate Line” ( you get 30 free local calls ever month and anything over is .10) where it only cost $6.80 per line plus all those extra charges to make a total of about 16.75 per month and I have 5 of these and are tied together so I can make all the local calls be on one line if need be . I then used Sunrocket for my out going long distance calls so I’m not disconnected.

    You need to watch you charge card bills as sunrocket charged my account in June for $199 and then also in July $199(renewal charges of $199 plus those extra fees as my account renewed in July) so I had to do 2 chargebacks.

  88. Check out Majic Jack….They just came up on the net after being seen on MSNBC….It’s crazy……………..

  89. This will certainly irritate the crap out of those of you who prepaid and now have nothing – especially violent Kevin w – and you are, of course, victims in this mess, no question. I just mention this as a way to draw some relevance to the overall picture…

    Americans, of which I am, born and raised, are a spoiled, whiny self-centered bunch who rarely cares about shock waves beyond the impact to their own paycheck or personal situation. Dispute that on another board – you know it’s true.

    While $200 is certainly a painful thing to part with it saddens me that the focus is on the me-me-me part of this entire debacle. There are many posts stating sympathy for SunRocket employees and customers alike, and that’s good, because there are a significant number of people that are feeling much worse pain than a couple hundred bucks. Again, just laying down some relativity.

    While it’s hardly arguable that SR management should be drawn-and-quartered over this (that’s for you, Kevin W.) I think we should all try to put ourselves in the positions of the 246 call center staff that showed up for work Monday with no idea they’d be sent home for good. Remember, a lot of these are moms and dads, with families, working paycheck-to-paycheck for maybe $9 an hour – now with no paycheck, and no warning, in a secondary market. Springfield is not exactly Dallas or Seattle. Now that’s a real problem.

    This is not to ignore SR employees at all. In my mind most of them are victims too, but perhaps they were a little closer to the action – and therefore maybe able to see the signs earlier or better – than a customer service agent in an outsourced call center a thousand miles away.

    There are many casualties. What about Bell Outsourcing? They are a public company and were carrying the payroll for those 246 people. If you assume the reps work a 40 hour week times 4 weeks times $8 an hour times 246 people you’re at $314,880 a month in fixed labor. I have no idea if those agents have benefits but if they do and you add a conservative 15% bump to that you go over $362k every month just in labor. If SR is even one month past due you’re looking at something that scares the hell out of a quarter-million dollars- again, just labor without the building, etc, or margin. The number is probably much higher. That’s real money and someone will have to answer to that and they will probably be another casualty. Who knows who else SR owes real money to that could be road kill?

    I’m not a SR customer, employee or supplier but I am in the VoIP business. I’m not even sure why I took the time to write this – I guess I’m just tired of reading posts by those of you who seem bent on convincing us readers that you’ve been wronged by SR and that you’re pissed off. Well, that sucks, but please don’t forget that this train wreck does and will inflict way more serious war wounds on innocent people – like you – to the tune of many more dollars and personal strife.

    Lighten up. Love your brother. Unemployment is the worst thing possible that can happen to a person trying to provide for a family and living paycheck-to-paycheck. I’ve been there.

    Just my ramblings …don’t kill me Kevin.

  90. Yep, several people in the office have no service. Including me. Those SR people should go to prison.

  91. Hi guys,

    I work for a Venture Capital funded internet startup. I can tell you that there is no big decision that isn’t made without the approval of our board, the board on a VC funded venture is comprised of the CEO and then members of the company that funded the venture.

    You can bet that the Sunrocket VC’s were in on the decision to leave customers hanging (if not the ones who demanded immediate closure to get their money out). Please take a moment to call the VC’s and let them know how disappointed you are in the way they have handled this. This whole thing lacks of corporate ethical responsibility. Leaving customers without 911 access or phone service is on the level of Enron corporate greed. Please take a moment to make your voice heard.

    “SunRocket was founded in 2004 and backed by Doll Capital Management, BlueRun Ventures and the Mayfield Fund.”

    Doll Capital Management
    Silicon Valley Office
    2420 Sand Hill Road
    Suite 200
    Menlo Park, CA 94025
    Telephone: 650.233.1400
    Fax: 650.854.9159

    BlueRun Ventures
    BlueRun Menlo Park
    545 Middlefield Road,
    Suite 210
    Menlo Park, CA 94025
    United States
    Phone: +1 650 462 7250
    Fax: +1 650 462 7252

    Mayfield Fund
    2800 Sand Hill Road, Suite 250
    Menlo Park, CA 94025
    Phone: (650) 854-5560
    Fax: (650) 854-5712

    “The customers also could lose money paid in advance to SunRocket, which offered unlimited telephone service for a year for an upfront payment of $199, said Martin D. Pichinson, co-founder of Sherwood Partners, which signed a contract on Tuesday to handle the distribution of assets to creditors.”

    Sherwood Partners
    Bernie Murphy
    650-329-9996 x235

  92. As a Sunrocket customer for almost 2 years we enjoyed the savings & usually good service – you get what you pay for & need to consider the aggregate savings. Its a shame for the recent customers & definately pursue your Credit Card companies for full or partial reimbursement.

    We went with AT&T CallVantage which has a special for AT&T/Cingular customers at $19.99 month regularly $24.95 a month. They nor Verizon could port the Sunrocket signature number so we were forced to a new number.

    RvoIP Sunrocket

  93. My red light went off, all lights are good, and my service is working again. My calls seem to be working fine. Also the sunrocket homepage has been updated! (no news about closing).

  94. I’m not concerned about the $ lost — Sunrocket has more than paid for itself. Too bad, they really improved the quality of the service.

    I would like to get my number back however. Anybody have any luck since they’ve closed their doors?

  95. I’m pregnant: my due date is next week; my husband is truck driver: stuck on the road with broken truck; I own small cleaning firm: my helper helping me while I’m on maternity leave quit yesterday. I need phone more than ever NOW!!! SunRocket that was very bad timing.

  96. My SR service is working fine this morning for both inbound and outbound calls. The gizmo is green as it is supposed to be. International calling is also working fine. If I had not read this article, I would have never known that SR is closing its doors.

    I bought 2 years service for $199 (1 year service plus 1 year free) about a year ago. Plus I referrred a family member through which I got a $25 credit. So basically, I only lost $75. Now I hope I get my number back…that is…if SR is actually closing down

  97. I suggest contacting your local congressmen/women, the FTC your state attorney generals office, etc. I also contacted the FCC who were empathetic but said they have no jurisdiction over VOIP…same for my state (PA) PUC (Public Utility Commission). If we collectively (all 200,000) inundate these folks, perhaps something will be done.

    In the meantime, the rep at the FCC did say I could reliably assume that SunRocket is in fact out of business. I guess I’ll start researching a new provider. While I hate to part with my $ loss, I hate more to lose service. In our society, phone services is as vital as electricity. Utilities should never be allowed to just, without warning, close down…perhaps acceptable in third world countries, but not in the US!

  98. When we move to a new service, are we going to be able to keep our phone number?? or are we screwed out of that too??

  99. My SR was working as of 9:30am. My second number is used for fax, and that is also working. Just no VM.

  100. Reading all this, SunRocket went out of business Monday at COB…they charged me yesterday for a full year. That seems to me to be fraud.

  101. Who couldn’t see all this coming? And it’s only the start. I’d be laughing if it wasn’t so tragic.

  102. Everyone who just paid for service should check your state law on the topic. In Georgia the law does not protect you if you pay for service in advance. Anytime you sign up for a fitness center membership you have to sign acknowledgement of the law that you have no legal recourse to get your money back if the gym goes out of business. If you pay for 2 years of service in advance and they go out of business you’re screwed. The same applies to GA residents who signed up for SR. This should be a lesson to never pay in advance and steer clear of long term contracts.

  103. I also checked Verizon Voicewing site on whether they could port the Sunrocket number – when I entered the number it came back as “Qualified” & able to be transfered. Even though I signed up with AT&T CallVantage I also signed up with Verizon (vz) to see if they could really port the number. Vz has a 30 day cancel period & AT&T CallVantage is cancel anytime without penalty just returen the TA.
    Vz indicated the transfer process takes 15 days & may also not work but worth a try to keep the number.

  104. I am still getting phone calls and making them over my phone. It is not dead as of 11:46 edst. Have been with them for 2 years and was very happy. Via voice is offering 6 months free service, free equipment for you to switch over….9.95 for rush service….

  105. So, Dezl0ck. what you’re saying is that people signed up with SR and never bothered to check the regulations in their area? Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

  106. I didn’t even know we were out of service for over a day (we never get phone calls)
    WHAT IF I NEEDED TO CALL 911????????

  107. I had to go with telephone service through my cable company and they refused to port the Sunrocket number. I think I read there was some question weather Sunrocket owned the phone numbers.
    I filed a complaint with the FCC. Thank you to the person that posted the link above. I have also sent it on to others.
    I think “prepaid” contract customers are debtors and should be considered first in any distribution of the remaing assets of SunRocket.

  108. they took 2 payments from my checking account AFTER i cancelled services.. dirty bastards never reimbursed me .. and i called the sherwood partners that is in charge of liquidating the defunct company and they just rudely tell me.. life is a ugly place to be .. and hung up
    if any one knows who to contact that will help get the money back.. email me.. simply_chele2005@yahoo.com

  109. If you can access the SR website.
    You can Forward your calls to 2 alternate phone numbers, such as your cell.
    I’ve set mine up to ring my home phone, then after 4 rings, to my cell and to my wife’s cell.
    This may be a way around the home phone shut off

  110. We got the sunrocket service, but the phone number transfer was taking to long so we cancelled it after 3 months we registered. That was a month ago and we still havent got back the refund. Any idea what we can do in this scenario?

  111. Sunrocket victim. NO service since Monday. Unable to transfer #. Talked to FCC, FTC, and Virginia SCC — VOIP users have NO consumer protections or rights like other phone users … VOIP classifed as internet “interstate” commerce thus states cannot regulate and FCC remains mute. – call you congressman. Hope no one needed 911 service!!!! At least deactivated cell phones can still do 911. According to finacial reports, VONAGE not much better. Think I will go with a name brand (Verizon), at least there might be a phone anwsered for service.

  112. Chase CC company just told me that Sunrocket informed them a fund had been set up to deal with refunds. They are crediting my account for service not received prorated.

  113. I never realized there were any problems until my voice ail stoped working yesterday. I had the 1 yr get the 2nd yr free deal. I am almost at the end of my first year. At least I got myh monies worth. I was so upset because I didn’t want to loose my telephone # which SR had ported over. I called Verizon Voicewing and was able to have the number ported. It is more expensive and I am not getting all the frills but for now I wanted a secure company.

  114. I cancelled service on July 2nd but they did not refund my balance . Not sure what to do

    Any suggestions ?


  115. Since I live in Miami and we get hurricanes and power outages I’m better off with a lan line.

    I was however thinking of VOIP sunrocket a week ago for our small business HA! I’m glad I didn’t make that investment lol it would have been 3 lines and 600.00 out 🙁 good luck getting your money back guys.. start a petition.

  116. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that any SR customers who want to continue using VoIP service to look into Packet8 (www.packet8.net). They are cheaper that Vonage, have higher quality service and don’t have any legal problems to deal with. I have used them for over 2 years now and have been EXTREMELY satisfied. I’d be happy to send you the referral link, if interested (it allows us each to get a gift). Just send me an email at kbrunnba@yahoo.com.

  117. Well:

    My service just quit along with everybody else.

    Sun Rocket burned up on re-entry!

    We all got scammed!

  118. Once fooled, shame on me, etc.
    I own a small company that provides VoIP service, so ViaTalk has my respect for their efforts to step up and serve so many SunRocket customers.
    We went through something similar with a company called Tomato Vine in March. They shut down with just three days notice, and appear now to have done more than SR to assist their customers. Some of the TV customers went to SR and have now been burned twice.
    I have some advice for those of you asking what to do next. Go with a company that allows for service to be charged month-to-month.
    You will have to pay for the Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), about $60. I suspect that the upfront expense of setting up a new customer and the ATA require you to stay with them quite a while for the company to get a payback, and I bet their investors want a payback in less time.
    My company’s expenses are mostly variable, so we are not hung out with a big fixed cost to each customer.
    My last piece of advice is that you quit expecting VoIP to compare with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). It is an Internet application and subject to the quality of your ISP’s service. That’s why one person says he/she loves it, and another is not satisfied. The Internet is only just now coming around to accommodating fast real-time data transfer.
    It is costing you half as much for a reason.

  119. Called FCC just now , they informed that FCC is investigating into the issue after getting huge number of calls . They suggested me to call next week for updates

  120. All of a sudden my service is working. Someone must have gone into work today just to fool around with us. I have american exp working on trying to get me $$ back. Had a have year in, will only lose $100, could have been worse.

  121. Someone asked about the banner in the Vonage website telling SR customers to call 800-833-4806. And yes indeed the wait time could be very long, maybe 20 -30 minutes. I think that for me it was worth it. I signed up today with Vonage and went back to cancel Verizon’s Voice Wing which I ordered yesterday.

    Here is what I got with Vonage:
    No activation ($29.95 Off, because of the SR Fiasco)
    2 Months free of the 24.99 service
    Free Overnight Shipping of the Vonage Adapter ($29.95 Off)
    (I got the free shipping after hesitating, because I was thinking about buying the adapter locally at COMPUSA w/$40 rebate). So the rep. offered me the free overnight shipping ($19.95). Although they will charge the shipping upfront, they will credit it back within few days (No big deal, its’ free anyway).

    Now, in my situation I don’t think that I really need the unlimited long distance service, but the 2 months free was only on the $24.99 service. BUUUUTTT, I will be able to downgrade the service after the first 2 months to the 500 minute plan ($14.99) without penalties. After the downgrade, all I have to do is use my Vonage service wisely in conjunction with my cell phone minutes. In other words I will use the Vonage service during the week before 9 pm, and then use my cell phone after 9pm and during the weekends to not waist the Vonage minutes. I think this plan will work well for me.

    By the way Vonage already started the transfer (port the number) process right away. If it’s possible to get my phone number back, it would take approx. 10 days.

    So hopefully I will have the Vonage adapter tomorrow and be able to have service with the temporary Phone # for now.

    One more thing, if you have some time it would recommend to check this link (http://www1.freetocompete.com/) that talks about the litigation that Verizon has against Vonage. In this web page you can sign a petition for Verizon to drop this case and allow free competition. The problem with this is that it could eventually affect other companies and consequently our options for VoIP service providers.

    I started with SR less than 3 months ago and could talk about how bad all this mess is for me, but I rather give some good news and possibly hope to some people. I’m sure there might be some better alternatives out there, but this time I was trying to go with a big name in the industry (Vonage) and the best possible offer for my situation. I know that every situation is unique, so I just thought about sharing my way to solve this problem hoping that it can provide help to someone out there.

    I really hope that all SR customers can find a quick solution to their problem.

    May God Bless You Always.

  122. I just read a comment about someone being able to transfer the SR number to their cell phone. I just went to the SR website and logged into my account and was able to transfer my SR number to my cell phone.

    The good news about this is that it means that my number wasn’t cancelled yet and should be transferable to another company.

    You should try it, at least you can get any incoming calls in the number that you designate. It doesn’t have to be a cell phone; it can be another house or office number.

    I hope this helps.

  123. You know, I understand the shills. That’s to be expected. What’s bugging me is the fact that many people here are considering it. They want to replace the voip they got screwed on with another voip service. WTF? The problem is not the compay per se, it’s the whole voip concept in general. It’s not secure or ultimately reliable. There have been over 150 voip companies that have gone out of business within the last 16 months. They have an average lifespan of about 18 months. There is no Voip company that is making money right now. They are all beingfunded by investors who are gambling on the possibility that the herd will thin out enough for them to become a major player.

    If anyone viewing this right now can me a valid reason why they left their POTS telephone service I’ll provide 1 year of free telephone service to them.

  124. I’ve been reading everything I can to figure out what exactly is my status and situation with regarding to my SunRocket $199 Annual Plan that I signed up for.

    It seems that I’ve only got barely over 3.5 months worth of service to date. Maybe 4 months depending on how you want to look at it – and I’m going to be out or trying to figure out how to recover the remaining 9 Months. 🙁

    It seems ViaTalk is offering to BuyOut up to 6 Months of service after we sign up IF we provide the needed information to prove it.

    I’ve already went to the SunRocket website to review my account and make PDF copies of everything needed.

    I’ve signed up with ViaTalk for their Annual Plan and I do HOPE they are able to get me up and running in short time as I’d rather not be out of telephone service for too long. For now my number has been set to be forwarded to my cell number with the call forwarding feature that SunRocket provides. At least as long as that’s up an running.

    So today I call up my credit card company American Express to see if I can dispute these charges (bid shot in the dark) because they are over 60 days olds. They respond first in telling me there was an influx of AmEx customers calling about this yesterday.

    The situation though is that SunRocket closed shop but did not file for Bankruptcy yet. The imperative work however is YET. Because of this AmEx can not help me out right now till they do file Bankruptcy.

    She said that she spoke to her supervisor about this and that they were informed that SunRocket had not yet filled for Bankruptcy so they are not able to help me investigate this.

    Anyway it’s over the 60 day periods also. But it seems that when SR does file for Bankruptcy – AmEx will then be able to file an investigation into the matter. I was suggested to call in and ask periodically.

    What really bites is that for the time being I have no way to get phone calls on my land line. For a temporary fix I have had the number forwarded to my cell number. Hopefully that will work till my service is switched to ViaTalk and the number is ported over.

    I’m wondering if anyone has a clue to what jurisdiction and laws this situation falls under and if anything can be done to help this along to get resolved. The loss of a important service such as telephone service should not be without severe penalty when it could cause possible death if a phone was needed to call for assistance.

  125. Within the past few weeks I was billed without notice for a one-year renewal.

    Although my situation may not warrant an investigation of Sunrocket, I think that those people who had very recent dealings with SR and were not alerted to the possibility of what has now happened to SR, may have a prima facie case for investigation of SR for fraud.

    If so, the executives of SR may be liable for a jail term.

  126. I forgot to mention that I was not able to make or receive calls yesterday. Calling the 800 number only elicited a message saying that they are not taking any service or sales calls. That’s what alerted me to something really wrong with SR.

  127. I’m a business partner in an INC500 listed company called 5linx that has a solid voip service, competive rates, video phones that work with voip, and the first ever voip cell phones that use any wi-fi or wi-max connection.
    If you’re looking for a service to port your number to or an opportunity with a company that is financially rock solid and is a real leader in this emerging market please contact me

  128. ITP (Internet Telephone Provider): This is a very good VOIP service. Much cheaper than Vonage and more features than Sun Rocket. No up fron annual payment, no contract. Free 3 months to anyone that comes from Sun Rocket as well with a promo code. 888-487-1110

  129. SunRocket since May 2005 – This is really unfortunate. I have had great luck with SunRocket over the past two years. Any feedback on ViaTalk (especially since they are getting flooded with new customers)?

    By the way, my SunRocket service is still working 7/18/07 8PM.

  130. WSJ says SunRocket creditors reached “preferred provider” deals with 8×8’s Packet8 and UC’s Teleblend VoIP services

    See online WSJ.com article by SAMAR SRIVASTAVA datelined July 19, 2007

    “SunRocket customers… will not have to pay 8×8’s normal start up costs for its Packet8 service, a little over $100, [will get] one month of free service [and] will be able to maintain their existing numbers.

    “Unified Communications … Teleblend, will offer SunRocket customers a special rate of $12.95 a month for the remainder of their contracts….”

  131. Wow! A friend of mine mentioned the demise of SR this morning, I had no clue. My phone is still working, in fact I just had a friend call me back to double check and it still works fine. I already had my phone set up to forward to my cell after 5 rings (for the occasional blip). Vonage currently has 2 mos free, no activation or equipment fees and free shipping, $24.99/month. I still have service so will probably hold off (stingy, I know)

  132. I paid in advance for the 1 year plan in January and received 3 months free. I never had any problems until they closed. I am receiving some calls but not all. I can’t be without a phone so I called AT&T to get a land line again. They could not give me my phone number back so I will have a new number and it can’t be hooked up until 7/24. They said nothing I can do about getting my number back or getting a phone nay sooner. I am upset and this is an expense I did not budget for. I feel for the employees and their families.

  133. This totally blows…. My voicemail is dead…the website will not display any voicemail properties. To top it off, my business line number porting has sucessfully been blacklisted. Shame on you Sunrocket- you let us all down

  134. As a now former customer of Sunrocket services I feel the burn as many of the employees and customers do right now. Anyhow what gets me is that I had no service as of Monday night. I was 4 months into my second year with them. The fact that I am pregnant with complications with the pregnancy and if something goes wrong with me or with my children who are 2 and 11 months I cannot go and call 911. I also telecommute which the phone is how I do my job and with Sunrocket deciding to bite the dust not only do I not have phone service until I get phone service again I cannot provide for myself or my family. The company itself lacked professionalism between customers and their own employees. I say sue the dirty bastards for all they got. For those of you who say we are whining I think you need to look at the situations at each of us first hand before you start throwing your comments out there. Anyhow good luck to the employees who were burned by Sunrocket and for the customers who have been burned by them too. Somewhere there is light at the end of the tunnel for all of us.

  135. CALL YOUR CC COMPANY – dispute the charge…I did, and Chase immediately refunded $86 for the months left on my contract. Took all of 5 minutes. They were on the phone all day with customers from Sunrocket, reversing charges.

  136. One lesson to learn after all this:

    Buy a month to month plan if you must buy a VOIP otherwise buy it from your local cable company.

  137. I was also able to forward my calls to my cell phone – good thing, as I am trying to find a job and I have tons of resumes out there with my now non-working phone number.

    Does anyone know how long the calls will stay forwarded? My head is swimming from trying to compare options, and I really don’t feel like jumping into a new plan right away.

  138. CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY. I had prepaid a full year, I just called Chase and they refunded all unused months. Do this while you can, the faster you act, the better. Once more clients find out and SR takes some bankruptcy action it will be harder. Even if you think you will not get anything, it’s worth trying!!

  139. This is strange to me about SunRocket? I have 2 incomming calls, was able to fax & talk to 2 people that called when I was away. There is is still some juice left as of now with SumRocket. I think it won’t last so make a change before it’s too late.

  140. I was with sunrocket for 10 months then went with VIA Talk, which I dumped because they could not fix a issue I had for 6 months.
    Out of the 2 voip companys sunrocket was better than VIA Talk.
    Something stinks about the way sunrocket shut down.
    Are the big phone companys behind this? Was there a behind closed doors hidden money payoff if they shut down?

    Would not surprise me in the least. Sunrocket had to be hurting Verizon, AT&T ect.

    What do you think?

    Someone will go to jail like Adlphia Cable.

  141. I wouldn’t be surprised. It took almost 5 months for Talk America to turn over my phone number. The big phone companies are losing 100’s of thousands of customers to Voip services. It serves them right though after grossly over charing for the services they provide. We have been ripped off for years. It’s about time the customer gets a break.

  142. If you charged with a CHASE credit card, the company WILL credit for the unused portion of your pre-paid service! I paid for mine in Feb.for the 15 month service, and I got a credit applied to my account!
    I am not sure how CHASE will get there money from sunrocket, but they took care of me.

  143. I got following message from Discover when I dispute charge..

    Thank you for your recent inquiry about the charge from Sunrocket. In an effort to provide you the best service possible, I have escalated this issue to the appropriate parties in our company for further assistance. We will respond as soon as we have any additional information concerning this matter. Thank you for your patience.

    I appreciate your business and the opportunity to be of service. Thank you for choosing to use Discover Card.


  144. i called discover and was able to get temporary credit for the unused portion ( 14 months ) of my 2 year contract. They will dispute the charges with sunrocket and since SR is no longer in business, I expect the temporary credit to be made permanent.

  145. Well, another one bites the dust and I end up taking it in the ass for the so called “Buy 1 Get 1 free year plan.” This same shit happened to me when I pre-purchased a year of voicemail service in the late 1980’s and that company went belly up with me losing my purchase investment. You would think that I might have learned to choose more reliable communication providers. Anyway, I’ll never pre-purchase a year of anything again after twice being burned!

  146. Alright, there may be good news coming out of this ordeal. I just contacted Bank of America, my American Express card issuer and they indicated that if I file a written dispute and letter describing Sunrocket’s inability to provide VOIP service going forward due to the operations shutdown that I will receive a pro-rated refund for 18 months.
    That is welcome news and I’m sending the dispute paperwork today. Best advice as others are saying, contact your card issuer because they are waiting for your call.

  147. Just to let everyone know…..
    I signed up with Vonage yesterday, requested the phone number transfer, and it was already transferred as of this morning.

    Although I am not a home, I went to the Vonage website and activated the simultaneous ring feature of my home number (already transferred from SR to Vonage)to my cell, and it worked great.

    When I get home today, the Vonage box should be waiting for me since it was sent overnight at no extra cost.

    The peace of mind to have my original phone number back is great.

  148. One more update….
    I just called Discover and they will dispute the amount for the remaining months without service.

    The rep. explained that they will attempt to get the credit from SR which she doubts that will happen. So in the likely event of a non-reponse from SR, the case will be automatically closed and the customer wins, meaning that the credit will be automatic at that point. For now is just a temporary credit.

    So the bottom line is that there is a very high possibility that we could get our money back for the unused portion, which sounds very reasonable to me.

    Within a day I got service with Vonage with my original phone transferred and hopefully my money back.
    Thank God for helping me think clear during all this. I hope you all can do the same.
    God Bless You All

  149. Thanks for all your tips. We still have service (we’ll see on Friday) and I was able to transfer my calls to my cell. Disputed with my VISA but since we have service and it’s 91 days since SR charged us the yearly fee they’re not sure what we’ll get. Looking at other sources ASAP.

  150. Someone posted that they wanted a valid reason for for leaving POTS telephone system —
    Well, I can’t see the logic in paying $40+ dollars for service that I don’t use alot. In my last few months of being a Verizon customer, I had several disruptions in service and was tired of paying so much for the few extra features I was getting.

    Secondly, there were so many taxes & fees involved that bloated the bill. You would think that with the equipment & lines that have been in place for many years that Verizon could afford to provide phone service at a cheaper price.

    I already pay enough for broadband, why not make use of what I pay for. And, if it goes down for some reason, I have cell service to back me up.

    Verizon has sucked enough money from me in the past, I don’t plan to give them any more.

    By the way, I took Vonage up on their Sunrocket offer — we’ll see how it does!!

  151. My lines with sunrocket still work as of 7/19/07 10am. In the process of trying to switch my numbers to another provider. Anyone know a good one that will switch asap!

  152. oh man..what the hell…we cancelled vonage and signed up for sunrocket in may and we transfered the number.We bought the annual subscription.They never said anything at all and i had no idea….This close down means we lost complete money ?????oh gosh…any idea what can b done?????

  153. Inspite of SR’s short comings mentioned here and on everyother News Channel and their website respectively, on the same day of coming to know of their demise I immediately got on the phone with my Credit Card Company and filed the dispute for the charge of the $199/year for service and the Federal USF Fee charged to my Credit Card cumulatively as $219.48. I also placed an order that same day for service with Packet8 (NYSE: EGHT, Company Name 8X8). One of the main criterion used in my decision is to find a company that has been out there for a significant amount of time with a good reputation and is a publicly traded company. Yes, I could have selected Vonage but with the Patent infringement at the hands of Verizon on their heads right now, I understand that it is in an “APPEAL MODE” at this time but if the appeal fails, we can all look them as the “Next SunRocket” although since they are Publicly Traded, they are required to issue a notice to their customers prior to such a service termination, the likes of what just transpired with SunRocket this past week. Now Packet 8’s current customer maybe rannked as third behind Vonage and SR at 181k approximately but with the SR influx that they have gained (per a CSR Supervisor I talked to yesterday, the number stands at 60k former SR Customers), they will easily and forseeably become the new No.2 provider behind Vonage’s 2 million + subscriber load. And should Vonage lose their patent infringement case apeal, then there you have another heap load of subscribers willing to either quit on VoIP or go elsewhere.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, good luck in making your decisions but my final words here to you here would be to make a wise choice and be weary of the Mom and Pop VoIP’s like Lingo and ViaTalk.

    Overall, I maybe one of the lucky few to get the $199 + refunded since my renewal was less than 30 days ago. If any of you are in the same situation as I was, then my recommendation would be to consult with your credit card company to go ahead and dispute this. In the meantime, do collect a copy of your latest invoice, which for those of you that are lucky, you should be able to get it by logging in to your account (a good amount of them are stil lactive so should be no problem). This documentation (invoices, etc) will be necessary in your dispute.

  154. I am sick of taking up the ass from these fly-by-night corporations; it’s time we do something about it… Please contact the FCC and let them hear you.

    Federal Communications Commission
    445 12th Street SW
    Washington, DC 20554

    Phone: 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322)
    TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322)
    Fax: 1-866-418-0232
    E-mail: fccinfo@fcc.gov

    Filing a Complaint with the FCC is Easy

    For Phone Service Complaints:
    Our Consumer & Mediation Specialists are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET to answer your questions and assist you in filing a complaint. Call toll-free at 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) voice or 1-888-TELL- FCC (1-888-835-5322) TTY.

  155. Straight from the SR website’s MEMBERS BILL of RIGHTS”
    “Dignity & Respect: You will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect in all dealings with SunRocket and company personnel.

    Integrity & Trust: We endeavor to fully inform you of available options so you can make timely and informed choices. We will never abuse your trust through deceit, exploitation, neglect, manipulation, or discrimination.”

    2 account 1 at home & 1 at work, both prepaid, within the last 4 months… DAMNIT!

  156. about 1:55pm EST my Sunrocket Phone Service Came back on, Now is 3:10pm and it is still on, My Voice Mail on the web site is also on,and I call a few of my friends. Anyone know what is happening

  157. Yes That’s true About the same time my sunrocket service came back. I talk to my friends who have sunrocket, Their’s also working. I am not sure what’s going on

  158. Wow, this sucks for you all. I’m sorry, but I am keeping my plain old telephone service. I have worked in telecommunications for 25 plus years and I’ll have to say that Ive seen companies come and go, but my phone line always works. My grandmother “Now Deceased” had the same number for over 50 years and now my brother has their number, and there was never a time when her phone line didn’t work. Thats pretty good service if you ask me. And no, I don’t work for one of the Bells or Verizon. I have worked in the LD business, the wireless business, and now the CLEC business. What I have learned is that companies will cut as many corners as they can to make a buck. And even the bell companies are cutting corners today, cutting manpower etc. But the phones still work. I like the old analog/PCM/TDM network. It sounds good. I also remember what an analog cell phone call sounded like, way better than any of the digital calls we have now. VoIP is another FAD like ISDN was in the 80’s.
    We used to have a saying in wirless, CDMA = Customers Don’t Matter Anymore.
    I am fortunate enough to understand how my phone and internet work, and I’ll keep them seperate, thank you.
    My .02


  159. Another Sun Rocket Customer here: I have been without service for two days and am waiting for ViaTalk to process my new service order. Ten minutes ago, my phone rang and I actually received a call. I made an outgoing call that also worked and when I logged into the sunrocket site, it suddenly seems to be working and listed several missed calls made this morning (which didn’t ring through) in addition to the one I had received. Don’t know why it’s working, but I hope it will keep going until the new service starts.

  160. As of Thursday @ 1:30 PM Pacific time my SunRocket service is working again after not working for 3 days. Voicemail just gets a busy signal. Strange…

  161. I’m also a Sunrocket customer and very upset about learning this news that they’ve shutdown. I’ve elevated my dispute with Discover, but because its over a 60-day period, they don’t know if anything can be done, even after telling them that some have gotten refunds (so you’re lucky). I’ll have to wait 30-60 days to see what happens.
    I did file a complaint with the FCC, and they’ve gotten a ton of them. They said someone is looking into the problem, but keep calling so they get this msg.
    Having done some preliminary research, I’m not sure where I should I get connected now. VIA sounded good to me with their buyout and better than 8×8. Has anyone had experience with 8×8’s tech issues? How fast do they get back, service, etc.? I don’t like their $30 activation fee and their monthly service is high, but guess there not many main stay companies out there.
    I don’t want to go with any small VOIP companies, I had enuf problems with SR.

  162. It is unfortunate that Sun Rocket is going out of business as of 16th of July.

    For the members and customers of Sun Rocket,
    I’d like to offer Nanumii Telephone Service (VOIP). We are known to be the best voice quality transmission. Please visit us at http://www.nanumii.com or call us toll free: 1866-626-8644(1-866-nanumii)

  163. I was wondering about the SR recommended Teleblend, https://www.myteleblend.net/. It looks fishy…is it SR former employees etc.. I can’t seem to get to their regular prices the site seems to be SR former customers focused. You pay 12.95/month now until the end of your contract, and then you pay the regular price..which is what?

  164. Just talked to Discover Card Dispute services department. They are aware of the Sunrocket issues since Monday 7/16/07 and are supporting Discover Card customers to the fullest!!
    Here are the details:
    Discover will only dispute the prorated amount remaining on the service plan (my plan was a $199 Annual plan with 3 month bonus).
    I still have 9 months left so my disputed amount will be about 121.50 (including shipping charges).
    Discover will credit my account the disputed amount today!!! I will also get a nice form letter too.

    The merchant (Sunrocket) has 22 days to dispute the chargeback with Discover. A full chargeback will occur on day 23 and case closed. Sunrocket has 60 days from day 22 to challenge. Good luck everyone!

  165. Phones quit working Monday night. Switch to Time Warner this afternoon. Now the phones work again 5:25 pm. Not sure why or how thats happening with sunrocket gone. hopefully they’ll work intill next week when the new system is installed. wife is ready to shoot me for losing our phone#.


    HAROLD NELSON. 1800-585-3441

  167. SUnrocket still works for me as of 7/19/07 4pm mst. I am lookin to transfer to packet8 asap. If anyone has another option let me know! They overed free activiation,free equipment,shipping. No free virtual number which I really needed for my business. Vonage was too much, and did not want to try another small voip company. Will see how they work for 30 days

  168. My service has been working too….ON and OFF. Anyone see that e-mail from SR? The one with the Subject line reading as, “Important Message from SunRocket”? Well they mention two company names that we can use that they have”Agreements” with – name Packet8 (NYSE: EGHT, Firm name: 8X8) and Teleblend. Regarding Teleblend, rumor has it that they are out of business as well. URL: http://www.myteleblend.net.

    I myself have tried to contact Teleblend and had to wait for more than 30 minutes and still no CSR came to the line. Not exactly the firm I’d like to be dealing with in a situation when technical support is needed. Rumor even has it that they are out of business as well like SR. Read the reviews on this link further (http://www.betanews.com/article/VoIP_Provider_SunRocket_Disconnects_Customers/1184686717).

  169. I switched to Lingo.Today,I received my GIZMO.up and running in no time.call quality is really good.

  170. I just looked at the myteleblend web site. It does not even have a list of the features. I agree, it looks fishy.

  171. Finally sunrocket came up with this messsage on http://www.sunrocket.com/


    After significant effort by the Company to avoid this result, SunRocket is in the process of discontinuing its operations as you know it. Therefore SunRocket will no longer be able to provide its customers with the phone service that its customers have been accustomed to.

    However, two service providers are assisting and offering to provide SunRocket customers the opportunity to sign up for their services. Both providers have agreed to become preferred providers with special pricing for the SunRocket customers to enable them to migrate their telephone service. Of course, there are other providers and each individual customer can make their own decision as to which carrier they wish to transition to.

    Emails to the SunRocket customers are currently being sent with more detailed information on how to sign up with the two service providers. The email address of the SunRocket customers that is on record is the address being used to send emails to the customers.

    We realize this is a very difficult and uncertain period for the SunRocket customers. With these two preferred providers, the customers will have the opportunity to transfer telephone services.

    An affiliate of Sherwood Partners, LLC is managing the process as the Assignee for the benefit of creditors.

    Creditors to SunRocket will receive a notice within the next 30 days in regards to the general assignment and for the filing of claims in the liquidation process of SunRocket.

  172. Sunrocket Inc
    8615 Westwood Center Dr, Vienna VA 22182

    Not sure if this does any good but here goes. I called the number above, press option “3” and got a voice mail for a “Mike Hodge” maybe an Exec???

    Sunrocket Inc
    1953 Gallows Rd, Vienna VA 22182
    Sunrocket Inc

  173. We have VOIP service for VERY reasonable rates!
    $24.99/mo. OR $16.58/mo. when purchasing an annual plan for $199.00. This already includes FREE ACTIVATION and FREE FIRST MONTH!! Unlimited calling to the USA and Canada. Excellent Customer Service, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Voice Mail, Voice Mail to Email, E911 compliant, FREE PHONE, FREE 30 day trial offer!!!!


    ANY questions, 586-477-4321 in the USA

  174. If you are within the original Sunrocket “30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee”, dispute the charges with your credit card company. Capital One is reversing the $244.06 we paid for 15 months of service on June 21. You can still print out the Sunrocket guarantee at http://www.sunrocket.com/advantages/guarantee/ although their web pages are disappearing fast.

    I would try to do that even if you are outside of the 30 day warranty period, but the longer you have had the service, the harder it will be. You may be able to dispute half the charge if you have had 6 months of service, etc.

    Vonage is also in trouble, with over $70 million lost in the first quarter of this year and a declining stock price. I have learned my lesson … I’ll stick with my telco or cable company, or at the very least never pay in advance for more than a month.

  175. As others have suggested:
    1 – Complain to the FCC
    2 – Write your congressperson
    3 – Contact your credit card company

    I spent part of yesterday looking at other VoIP companies, including their financials. Not a pretty picture. For example, Lingo’s web site says they are backed by Primus, a company with over a billion dollars in revenue. Sounds impressive, right? Go look at the Primus financials on Yahoo. They aren’t showing a profit. Nor is Packet 8. Telecom is a cutthroat business.

    While you’re at it, check to see if any potential provider will port your number. Apparently, not everyone can. ATT CallVantage told me yesterday that they are working on the issue, but at the moment, cannot port a number from SR. The number in question has been my residential number for 20 years…ported to SR from Verizon. 🙁

  176. I’m a stranded Sunrocket customer and I just found out about all of this yesterday after my phone shut off. No warning, of course.

    What I don’t get, though, is all of you people who keep asking “what if I needed to call 911?” That’s part of the risk you take with VOIP. Outages are common even when companies don’t go under, or sometimes the internet connection that runs your phone line goes down, or sometimes the power goes out.

    If you are elderly or in poor health, you should not be depending on VOIP as your lifeline to emergency services. You need a real phone. VOIP is great because it’s cheap, but you get what you pay for, and even during the two years I was a happy Sunrocket customer, there were times I couldn’t make or receive calls. There are a lot more points of failure with a VOIP line than with a standard telephone line that just plugs into the wall.

    If you have reason to believe it is likely you will need to call 911 to save your own life, then please get a landline with a non-electric, old fashioned plug-it-into-the-wall phone for emergency use. (Your cordless phone won’t work in a power outage.) VOIP is not reliable enough to trust your life with it.

  177. We transferred yesterday to TeleBlend and was allowed to keep our old number. The transfer was immediate and at the special rate of $12.95, per month.

  178. My friend just gave me his Voiceral box to use while I try to figure out where to go next after Sun Rocket. But I have to say, his Voiceral works nice, very clear. I feel bad for those people who paid ahead.

  179. As of today my service with SR is still active, and I am sending and receiving calls. The simring feature doesn’t work so I forwarded all calls to my cell #. After doing some googleing about Teleblend. I figured I didn’t have more that $20 to loose in the short run so I did the change on their website. After the beating at SR that doesn’t sound so bad.

  180. I purchased my 2nd year of subcription from SR and they charged me for the service in Feb, 2007. My wife called the credit Card company Chase, Master Card. After my wife mentioned Sunrocket and said it was fraud company, they said they will give us credit for rest of the remaining time on the contract which was $119. I just wanted people to know this. I am keeping my figures crossed until it is credited to my account.

  181. Signed up for sunrocket in may, 07. Just checked my bank statement from may and they took the money out on may 30th. We are on the phone with our bank right now and trying to get the money back for the unused month (10 months).

    My phone line still works as of july 20th. I had problems making calls the last couple of days. Especially calling germany was a pain in the butt. Had to try a couple of times but i got through after a while.
    We are just waiting as for now and hoping we get our money back.

  182. Web access control like Sunrocket. I liked Sunrocket online features of seeing voicemail logs, listening to msgs online and printing call logs & invoices. Does anyone know if this stands true for Packet8? There’s not one drop of info on their website about this.

  183. I figured something was up when I couldn’t make out-going calls unless they were 800 numbers. I can received calls (so far)but not dial out. I live in the Stroudsburg, Pa area & so far I can NOT transfer my number to other services, like vonage. Any ideas?

  184. Just received an email from SunRocket that they’re closing – haven’t heard anything before that email.
    Service is still up and working – yes, there’s a red light on the ‘gizmo’, but service is still there, just called my husband on his cell phone, connection was fine…

  185. I am a bad victim of SR as I have taken $199/1Year connection with them on June-27th. Didn’t understand what happened on a fine day when it suddenly stopped working.
    Tried customer service and checked the website to realise the fact too late yesterday.

    Searched the internet to know how many are impacted and how to get my money back. Thanks to comments posted by “Frank on July 19th, 2007 at 8:05pm” about Dispute with CC.

    Submited a dispute to CC informing the details late night yesterday and got my money back ($214 including taxes)

    Thanks to FRANK!!!! :-))

  186. Wow this SunRocket issue is all over the US but still most people are clueless on what happening. I got a couple of friends already and as of yesterday they still don’t know that SR was out already.

    I got burned too and I’m only on my 6th month of my 2 year plan.

    I’ve had it with the voip providers and I won’t to commit to any plans. I’ve just signed up w/ Onesuite.com SuiteAdvantage yesterday and got all the features of voip and at the same time has an option to make calls using my cell phone or a landline if the needs arises.

    I will never going to prepay $200 for any voip services anymore, I am done with any plans.

  187. I am bummed. I love my SunRocket service. I have used SR almost two years and it still works fine as of now. Luckily my contract is only paid through August ’07 so if the service goes off, I am not out much.

  188. Whoever got burned needs to call their credit card company and dispute the charge!! I just signed up with another company called Lingo.com – I would recommend… If you guys sign up mention my name is (Mike Kraus) to receive $25 for a referral credit

  189. ViaTalk is pulling a fast one as well. I signed up the other night (right after my SR service died and the web site said they would give you up to 6 months credit from Sunrocket and the equipment would be there in 3 days. It is now 5 days later, the order has not been processed and the web site NOW says it will give 3 months credit only. That sucks!!!

  190. I have two annual contracts with SR since May 2007. As SR is bankrupt there are minor chances of getting our amount back from the Credit card companies but didn’t want to take chances. So, With the valuable suggestion I have disputed the charges on both the contracts for the rest of the period(10 Months). It will take 8-10 weeks to listen back from the Credit card companies whether I will get the amount back or not.

  191. I also put a request in with Via Talk. they say with all the new additions they are getting that they are running behind and it can take 3-5 days to get it xfered over. The 6 month offer was only till 6pmnets on tuesday. So if you put in then you hould get the 6 months. But I am also conerend about the delay. I was told that if I want to cancel I need to call billing and cancel through them. I have several friends that have converted from vonage packet8 and a few others. ATT will not port your number back. Verizon sais they might be able to, All I hope for is to be able to keep my existing number.

    As for credit cards. AMEX 100% reimbursment, citicorp #months left on contract, discovery card will review the dispute, and i beling to a credit union they to will review nad get back to me. I sure wish I used my AME card. I know what credit card company I plan on using more often.

    Best of luck to all.

  192. I used Sunrocket for 2 yesrs! Over all excellent! When they switched customer service from inda to USA I was excited!

    Then just yesterday I got the e-mail! FUCK!!

    Paid $199 in December So refund is out!

    But to give up of voip NO WAY! I spent pais $240 and signed up for 15 months with VONICS and I am wishing for the best. Rep told me they have 4 years into it and ALL review every where 5 star!

  193. I was told before I signed up that I would have great reception and if I was not satisfied that I would get an immediate refund. I received my equipment and the service never worked so I sent all the equipment back and asked for a refund which I was told I would have to wait till July 23rd 2007. I checked my debit card with no refund, called SunRocket and heard recorded message that We are no longer taking calls or acceptting new customers.Goodbye. Then a HANG UP!!!! I didn’t even have a chance with this phone. I have kept all my emails from Sun Rocket.

  194. I got a gr8 deal for a bundle pkg from TWC:

    TV – Digital classic + HD
    Broadband – 7mbps
    Digital Phone – unlimited calling within US/CAN

    All the above for $96.00/month.

    Wait-a-sec, did i forget to tell u .. one month of all these services free? 🙂

    • To top it all my CC has provisionally credited $208.

    Silver lining in the clouds?

  195. We are a Digital Phone service provider and can help any customers that wish to have great service at affordable pricing. We offer unlimited local and long distance to US and Canada for $19.99 a month, mention you are a Sunrocket subscriber and we will waive all fees to make you transition to our network as smooth as possible. We are geared towards the Caribbean market and have the cheapest international rates on the market. Hope to hear from.

    DigiPhone Sales

  196. get on with ViaTalk..i have had service with them for a year, they are reliable and stable. Call volume is very high right because of the increased demand from SunRocket. Good luck its all good, sorry about SunRocket, time to move on.

  197. I have 2 accounts with Sunrocket & was charged 199 for the annual renewal in April. I wonder what they are going to do about the refund. 199 times 2 to pay for just 4 months of service is a RIP OFF!! There is no way of even contacting them!!
    I really wish I could sue them for being so unprofessional!!

  198. Hi!! Has anyone ever heard of ACN? I would highly recommend them as your new carrier. I, too, was messed over with the shutdown of Sunrocket. I have switched to ACN — 23.99 a month (unlimited long distance to U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, as well as all the bells and whistle). This company is highly recommended and endorsed by Donald Trump himself!! The ACN rep who helped me get my info and get signed up can be reached at mkisaacson@cableone.net or phone number (208)881-9735. You’ll be happy that you checked it out. Good luck to everyone in this mess.

  199. Glad! i’m a Convex9 customer and have excellent onsite support back in india.I advise all my friends to try convex9 free trial service and i’m sure you will opt for it.
    Above all its Legal in India!!!!!

    For details :
    visit : http://www.convex9.com

    or call 1 732 983 0922 / 1 732 983 0923

  200. We signed up with our local cable company the same day the first notice was sent to the customers. SR refused to release our number to the new service, they needed verification of account, which had been done three times that day. Now it is crunch time and they have passed our number to another company and they will not release the number until Aug 8th. I will be with out a phone becuase of this bs. I have to have a phone, I do child care for physically disabled kids who have siezures. A phone is a neccessity for me. grrrrr!!!!

    Sorry I had to vent…feel a little better but more angry now.

  201. I have located a law firm who is looking into the viability of filing a class action lawsuit. If you would like to be kept informed as to determination/progress, please email me at MuswellHillUK@aol.com

  202. I am also recommending Lingo to SunRocket customers. I am completely with their service. I have had no outages and the pricing and customer service have been excellent as well.

  203. I noticed that a few weeks backs I was having trouble with sunrocket. I unplugged the router, the sunrocket box and the cable internet box. I waited a minute. I plugged in the router. wait 30 seconds. Plug in the cable modem. Wait 30 seconds then plug in the sunrocket box. Look at the sunrocket box and all the lights will work. One of the other company’s that sunrocket wanted to refer us to wanted us to use the same equipment. What I am thinking is maybe we can use this as a skype phone. I went to sharper image and they had a skype phone a had a box and phone like the sunrocket did. So far my phone is making and receiving calls and the date is Aug. 5 11;34PM. I am hoping that this works. Try this method.

  204. I had service as of 8:30am this morning.
    I did not have to reset the box to get it.
    My cable co. was here after 8:30 and I am now set up with new service and had no problems keeping my phone #.
    It would be interesting to know just how long Sunrocket service will continue.
    Good luck to all.

  205. My service is still working. I’m going to be using MagicJack, check it out. I highly recommend it. MagicJack.com

  206. To all with the sunrocket equipment. I’ve had no trouble since I reset the boxes by unplugging them and thene plugging them all in. What I am going to do is wait and see if the I can use the sunrocket as a skype phone. As of 12;27pm both numbers are still working. The one that they gave me and the one that I transfered from Pac bell. If the phone works at the end of the week all I’m going to do is buy an answering machine to hook up to the phone. Save your money until the time when it won’t work even after you reset it thanks

  207. Our phone is still working, August 7, 2007 – 2PM

    Are they switching us to another company without telling us that too?

  208. As of today Aug. 7 6;30 PM my phone is still working. What I noticed this morning was that my phone was blinking like I had a message. I picked it up a pressed 00. It said ‘Welcome to sunrocket voice mail Their are 2 mailboxes for this account. Then it say Mike has 1 message and the other one has one. I pressed my mailbox and I heard the message. I don’t know what’s up but so far it still works with the 2 numbers and it’s 2 days past the cut off date. All I can say is before you switch to another company simply reset all your equipment.

  209. as of 8/8/08 7:45 I can make and receive using both numbers. I do have comcast high speed internet service. I don’t know if this makes a difference. My suggest is simply reset the boxes all of them. Wait 1 minute. Then plug the router in wait 30 secs. Plug in the cable modem box. Then finally plug in the SUNROCKET box. Then look at the sunrocket box all the lights should be on. Please try this before you sign up for another company.Save your $$$$. By the way when I press 00 I still get the sunrocket message service. Now this is a little weird. I am going to wait until none of the obove don’t work Good Luck.

  210. Finally my SunRocket service went down today. 8/9/2007 @ ~ 3PM PST. Now will look for ways to somehow use the existing phone adapter with new service.

  211. Yes, I had two (2) SR numbers. One successfully ported to AT&T over a week ago. The other I continued to use (outbound & inbound calls,) until this past Monday 8/6 then I could only place outbound. TB found their gun and killed it for good today!

  212. I am just so paranoid of Broadband phone services now that I am not sure I can sign up with one again. I need one that is $ 10 or less per month that is all I will pay. Right now I am using Skype Unlimited to make calls, Talk Digits to receive calls and Globe 7 as a backup to receive calls. I am like one of those old people who did not trust banks about the Stock Market Crash, bank closures, Bank Holliday and FDIC Act. I am just as paranoid of Broadband services now and I don’t like most banks either except the First Bank of MO and US Bank in Gladstone thank you.

  213. have you guys received the “assignment for the benefit of creditors of sunrocket” letter yet? can some one advise how to fill it up right?

  214. VOIP.com is not any better. I signed up on the 25th of July, have still to receive my equipment, cancelled before the end of the 30 day trial, have have not received a refund. This really sucks! Sunrocket now Voip – who can you trust in this market?

  215. I hated vonage, I will take a write-off of my unused time and switched to TeleBlend. If anyone wants a vonage router, e-mail me, it is garbage to me.

  216. For any of you that paid your $199 for a year with SunRocket and paid with a Charge Card, contact the card company and tell them that SunRocket has not complied with what they promised. I put mine on a Visa and got the full $199 back !!

  217. It has been moving to this for some time now, looks like Phonepower and Magic Jack will be the cheapest and Packet8 will be the most reliable, some of you will be lucky Packet8 will be picking up you as custmers. Good Luck!

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