118 thoughts on “Sunset at Sunrocket? Layoffs rumored”

  1. Om,
    SR has no PR dept. The PR person left earlier this year and last I heard they were trying to hire someone.

  2. Not a rumor. My friend at Sunrocket just emailed and said that it had been a very bad day for a lot of his coworkers, and that he only had a “guarantee” of employment of 30-45 days.

  3. They have not paid their affiliates for months. There so called marketing group never responds to emails nor telephone calls. Ask them why? Months ago they reduced their affiliate cookie to 1 day so as to rip off affiliates and attempt to receive free advertising.

    Blue Run has themselves to blame for putting someone like Lisa Hook in charge. The only way to save their investment is to see if they can hire a marketing genius such as Steve Case, give him a big piece of the equity and get out of the way.

  4. Wow, never seen that coming, I just purchased the Annual Plan. So far it’s great. You can add all your contacts online, so when anyone calls from your contact list it shows their name as it appears on your contact list.

  5. Hard to buy their plans?

    I couldn’t pass up the $200 for two-years plan. They also offer a $99 for one-year plan.

    I’ve had the service for several months and am trilled with the service.

    I guess I’m now hoping that I can use the service for the full two years…

  6. Vonage also had layoffs about 225 people. But they have a staff of 2000 plus outside callcenters. So this seems like a trend.

  7. hope they can correct – I’ve been very happy with their service and they just re-designed their dashboard!!

  8. Darn! I’ve been a customer of theirs for over a year and love the service – never had a single problem – only cost me $179 for 2 years so i guess that’s one reason they’re hurting ;-). I refuse to go to Vonage due to one fact – i HATE their tv commercials. Comcast – sucks cuz they just too expensive. So what are my other options … none. Cell phones only i guess. (i hope SR gets more funding).

  9. The layoff rumors are true as I am a former employee of SunRocket and I know quite a few folks who were let go:( They also gave no severance to those effected. They have not been able to pay vendors in months and more layoffs are expected.

    Lisa Hook is to blame!

  10. They are! The call center here in town has laid off a lot of people. They even took the sign down from the front of the building. They said it was to remodel! HAHA what a frickin joke.

  11. C’mon, grow a set.
    Toughen up.

    Hard times are part of the business world. SR is a fantastic product, and the deep pocket competitors are trying to crush this fresh new kid on the block.

    Stay the course, SunRocket. Make your cuts and keep the company afloat. Hard work and a good product (hopefull) will prevail.

    (also, I have a 2 year contract, and wish the company the best, for selfish reasons)

  12. the voip I was considering dropping local phone service for, may be having some financial problems. Maybe it was good I chickened out last week and settled on a stripped down plan from our local…

    James, Editor
    Gary Carvolth Voice of the Common Man

  13. I know several folks there…the CTO, CIO, CFO and 30+ others were whacked without severance. They have about two weeks left before they close the doors, unless they can find a buyer.

  14. I love SR, have had it for years at home and office.. Please stay in business SR!

    I agree. I would never use vonage.. commercials are probably why it costs so much.

    SR has a great product..

  15. Just thought I would check to see if anyone has heard anything new. SR looked to be a great alternative to AT&T.

  16. the company will stop taking new customers at 3 pm today…big meeting tommorow morning where most people feel that a large (50%) will be laid off (with no severence)…dead man walking

  17. As of today SunRocket is no longer taking new customers. Final layoffs expected tomorrow and the ramp down team of 25 has been put in place.

    Well done Lisa, well done!

  18. SunRocket is not going to pay any severence or any vacation time. There are no buyers looking to close a deal. And if you are a vendor GOOD LUCK!! Getting your money back. People will have 30 days to port the SunRocket numbers out.

  19. Are these guys still in business? Just called their 800-786-0132 customer service # for my refund and got a message saying “sorry no longer taking customer service calls”

  20. Sunrocket isn’t taking Customer Service OR New Sales calls, and the red “Run” light is blinking on my gizmo.

    I’ve been with them over a year, and the service has been flawless, after a rough start because of the number of routers on my cable service.

    I renewed at $199., and if the system folds I’m still way ahead of what I would have been paying for an AT&T land line.

  21. JUST FYI.





  22. I have just came from the call center and they have fired all employees including management. So if you have SunRocket I hope you can get your money back because from what I have heard SunRocket owes Bell Industries millions of dollars. SunRocket also may be filling for bankruptcy. By the way to all those former members of SunRocket I have enjoyed taking care of your issues. Best of luck on getting a refund. Oh by the way Sunrocket is supposed to be a NO GOTHCA YA PHONE COMPANY AND GUESS WHAT???? THEY GOTCHA!!!!!!!! NO WARNING ON THIS FOR US OR ANYONE, EVEN THEIR OWN PAYING MEMBERS!!!!!!

  23. This should teach you knuckleheads trying to save a few bucks going for the cheapest deal out there. Instead of saving, you got owned!

  24. Hi , I have signed sunrocket about 2 weeks ago, and it is not working now.. do any one know how to get money back

  25. This Explains why my phone would not work all day.
    I’ve been with Sunrocket for exactly one year and no problems. Tried to renew and could not. Glad I got to use a full years service.

    I’ll miss you Sunrocket.

  26. Well, my SR phone just died, rebooted a few times with no luck. Called service number realized that they no longer have the call service. My one year contract just got renewed in April, looks like I have to shop for a new service plan…

  27. Apparently I keep busy trying to work, miss a few days of internet news, and next thing you know I’m screwed.

    The REAL question now is [for all those 200,000 subscribers] –
    What is the BEST quickest, smartest, and most painless backout plan AT THIS POINT whereas numbers are retained and service is restored???

    Are any of the numbers retainable and can they be ported? How long will it take??
    What is the best plan of action to do so? Can it be done outside of SunRocket? Utility form, third-party?
    What is the fastest way to get efficient service / voip dialtone back into your home / office AND with which company??
    OUT of all the current providers what is the best BACKOUT plan with a company that won’t screw it’s customers AND it’s employees?

    I personally want to thank all those SunRocket employees who in the past have given me excellent customer service and support over the phone. I really am sorry to hear this management screw up. I dont care whether or not revenue wasnt happening, they could have managed a proper shut down or transferred ownership. No excuses. An appropriate email to existing customers BEFOREHAND would have been smart.

    This is like a bad twist of Iraq and Enron.
    Leaving thousands of dependent people of phone service completely dead in the water.
    This will go down in history.


    How do I get my SunRocket numbers over to a new dial tone in the fastest way possible??



  28. I have 4 phone numbers with SR. What happens to my #’s when they shut their doors? Can I still transfer them to another company?

  29. We all knew there was something up. I have no problem with “business is business”, but this company lied to it’s customers and employees. They were very shady at the end. I am very sorry to all the people who were double and triple billed that I could not help. They took away the ability of level 1 and 2 agents to do refunds. All those “tickets” were just sitting in a queue with no one working them. And no intention to, either, I suppose, looking back.
    All that talk at the beginning and they were so backstabbing. Bell Industries, also. Michael Barker, if you care so much for all the little guys on the phones, why didn’t you give us other positions? Or at least a warning.

  30. The REAL question now is [for all those 200,000 subscribers] –
    What is the BEST quickest, smartest, and most painless backout plan AT THIS POINT >whereas numbers are retained and service is restored???
    Are any of the numbers retainable and can they be ported? How long will it take??

    I wanted to mention a helpful free directory service for all Sunrocket users. People are able to find you via your old Sunrocket phone number in the event that you can not transfer it.

    The website is called http://www.lookmeup.org

  31. Sunrocket is gone and where will the numbers go? Will Vonage try to acquire their subscribers and will Vonage survice – re Verizon ligitgation?

    Is it time to abandon VOiP and just settle on Verizon FIOS / Comcast Digital or move all contact numbers to Wireless Carriers ATT and VerizonWireless. Man I am bummed if not screwed. Just listed Sunrocket number in my Yellow Pages Ad.

    Barry ;(

  32. So has any one figured out how we get refunded or is everyone just SOL? Im sorry for those employees who got the boot on this too. This company seems like they were not a good company after all. Since i found out about this this morning I have been doing research and it seems that most VOIP companys are going under. Does anyone know if this is accurate?

  33. I have got SunRocket servive one month ago. I am shocked to see this news.
    Can somebody tell me how can we get back the money refund? Is it something like would be taken care by SunRocket? Do we have any federal laws that take care of customers/dependents of a Bankrupted companies?

  34. Unfortunate indeed… just prepaid for 2 years and i find it very unlikely that another company would buy SR with the debts they carry and how would a chargeback help if they have no money?

    Still have service today but red light blinks and no VM access.

    I am most concerned about getting my number of 20 plus years ported to another company ASAP. Any suggestions?


  35. I have been a sunrocket member for over 2 years without any issues. The service was good, and the price was outstanding.

    All they needed to do was give people some kind of warning so we could port the numbers out without worrying about all this stupid crap.

    I understand that businesses have to shut down if they are losing money and stuff like that, but a warning would have been nice. I was laid off from my previous employer with a 5 minute notice on a Friday. Two months later, I was just about to start working for another company and they called me back wanting me to work there again. If they would have given me a warning the first time, I would have at least considered it… however, I didn’t even think twice… It was a shady way to end the situation.

    There’s no reason to shut your doors without warning. A few years ago here in the Cleveland region (at least), there was a restaurant chain called The Ground Round. They shut down the day before Valentine’s day without warning to all the people who had reservations for V-Tine’s day, and to all of their staff. There’s simply no reason for something like that.

    Bah, I’m not happy with how they handled it.

  36. Bunch of fvking ahole ripping off customers.
    I hope they rot in hell especially the upper managements.

  37. I just tried calling my “office number” and it’s not working. Then I tried calling SunRocket’s Cs line they are no longer accepting calls.

  38. My Sunrocket went dead yesterday afternoon (EST). I was lucky, my contract was up in August; forgiving them the 3 months free extension through November I was “owed.” I always had a problem sending faxes with Sunrocket. The Gizmo gave my computer IP address trouble frequently. I feel for all the businesses out there that have ads with their numbers. This was very unprofessional. I like everyone else would like to know if we can port our numbers out of Sunrocket, or are we just SOL?

  39. Tip:

    As of 11:30 AM Pacific time, the Sunrocket web servers are still up.
    I logged into my account and forwarded my Sunrocket calls to my cell phone. Not sure how long it will last, but the forwarding service is working at this point in time…

  40. Hi..

    I have enjoyed the SR service for 4 yrs plus..and liked it..and had referred at least 7 of my friends…and they all liked it too..specially for the cheap rates..although the service sometimes sucked..

    I just tried calling my home..it still works..although the voicemail access is denied..so i have it set up for my email forwarding..so i get the messages on my email..

    WELL.. here is the site from VIATALK..giving a BUYOUT offer of 6 months service from SR customers..check it out and good luck to all..


  41. Unfortunately, I learned while working as a CSR at SunRocket, if your service is disconnected, you can not port a number from it. If you still have a dial tone, you can start the process, but if it gets disconnected before being completely ported, you will lose the number. I am very sorry. When members asked me if SunRocket was closing down, I answered as honestly as I could. They were telling us no, business as usual or I would have warned you. And those who are owed money, make a dispute with your credit card company. We were told to say it would take 38 days for refunds, but none were being processed. They Gotcha and they Gotme, too.

  42. I just found out that the SR svc went down. What buyout offers are being offered at this time. I am trying to understand when I paid approx $209 up front why other VOIP svcs cannot buyout the contract without additional fees. Are there any other NO upfront cost companies for VOIP service? what about the current service? Will the phone number/service be left in limbo? Why is it also, that it is now going to cost another $200+ dollars to switch? I am a low income single parent and I don’t understand why this Lead, Incompetent individual could do this to so many honest and hard working individuals. Any suggestions?

  43. Yea, Sorry to all that were effected. If you are a SunRocket member, please check http://www.sunrocketforum.com for updates on what to do or how to pursue a refund and/or your number that you’ve had forever. The traditional way of doing things is out the window and no one is there to take a call for any reason.

    Again the agent who you’ve spoken to in the last few days were just as in the dark as you guys. They just decided to cut off the IVR prompt and hit the lights on the project so hang tight and check that forum for things yet to come.

  44. I would just like to let you know that they better give ussome type of sevrence pay and of they dont then that is mnessed up cause they gave the sales floor $500 when they laid them off and they bhad not even been working for very long. And they tried to say that we where ok and we where nottttt.

  45. I just found out about the SunRocket misery. It is too bad; I was really happy with its service. I had also signed up for 2 years 1 year ago.

    My phone is still working, although somewhat erratically. The red light on the gizmo has been blinking since yesterday — at least (I noticed it yesterday, but had no news about SR). I called SR this afternoon because my wife’s call home did not go through a couple of times, and got an ominous pre-recorded message from SR, saying something like “SR is not accepting any calls.” I then googled SR today to see if there was any news about it. Sure enough, there was news and we all know now what happened.

    In my own case, I called Packet8 which is giving some break to current SR customers. I decided to sign up with Packet8.

    Hope it does not go belly up like SR.

    You may want to give it a call; it does allow you keep/transfer you SR number. It is also introducing, I found out, a new plan in a couple of weeks — 500 mins/month for $15+. Additional minutes will cost 2.9 cents/min.

  46. I was unaware of all of this. My Sunrocket services was bad yesterday (7/16) and is not working hardly at all today (7/17). When I called customer service it had a recording that said they were no longer taking customer service calls or new customers. Am I out my $200 AND my phone service? How do I get my number transfered to another company with all of this going on?

  47. Be sure and call your credit card company. Even though I am past the time period to dispute the charge for my SunRocket service, I was told to send in a letter and explain the situation. My credit card company said they would take care of me. By all means dispute your SunRocket charges with your credit card company.

  48. My service has been down most of the day, and not working correctly when I do have a voice light. FYI the call forwarding function on the
    Sunrocket website is working, just forwarded all my calls to my cell.

  49. With Sunrocket having shut down, I wanted to mention that myphonecompany is still alive and kicking. They have a promotion where you get the fourth month free with agent sign up… and they also have a plan called mydevice that allows you to use your existing equipment and myphonecompany service for a lower fee. They also have an expanded international calling radius. To find out more, go to the agent site at http://www.rip2p.com and click the sign up link to be redirected to their site to sign up and receive your fourth month free!

  50. I feel sorry for the past Sunrocket employees that were in the dark and for the approximate 200,000 past customers…

    I will be switching to Insight Communications cable company for internet phone service; and I am hopeful to get the port of my phone number from SunRocket started.

    Thanks to the earlier tip about call forwarding. Although my SunRocket voicemail is down, I do still have a dialtone and was able to forward calls to my cell phone.

    The race is now on for me to get my original phone number ported from SunRocket before the dialtone goes dead.

    God Bless those now looking for work and those out of money because of the Gotcha Company…or is that SunSuck, I mean RobbedbyRocket.

  51. It’s too bad about SR. I have a dialtone, but haven’t been able to make or receive callsfor days. It’s interesting that the website still works.
    Viatalk has a program to roll over your SR contract. Signed up with them last night. Privately owned and with no debt. Spoke to Brian in CS, and he actually apologised to me about Sunrocket. When I asked him why he was apologising for them, he said the SR made all VOIPs look bad.

  52. I just filed my complaint with the NYS Attorney General Consumer Frauds and Protection. I also called my credit card company requesting a partial credit for my unused phone service and they complied and have issued me a credit of $105. (credit for 7 months of unused service). My credit card is Chase SubaruMC, and Stephanie from the Disputes Team was great handling my request.

  53. Chase wrote me saying that they are reversing my total charge. I asked for 10 months since my renew date was May 18. It sounds like it can be reversed if Sunrockets bank denies it. What is most important to me is keeping my telephone number of more than 10 years. I want to switch to AT&T Callvantage and they are investigating why my number cannot be ported to them.
    I have filed a compaint with the Michigan Attorney General (mostly about porting my number). Someone told me to contact the FCC.

  54. It’s really sad when acompany does business this way..It makes you think twice about paying for services in ADVANCE…I’m going with VOIP for the MONTHLY service..

  55. I noticed yesterday 7/17/07 that whenI got an incomming call I cound not here the person that called but thay could hear me. The phone has a dial tone but today I tryed to make outgoing calls with a dial tone but after I dial the # it does not connect. I got 2 incomming calls today & had no problem talking or hearing the person who called. I went to http://www.voip.com to sign up with them & hopfully I will be able to keep my # that I have had since 1994. I did get 1 email from SunRocket todat but it said nothing in the message.It said Important Message from SunRocket?

  56. With their unlimited plan, Vonage will port your SR #, give you 2 months free service, and free equipment with free overnight shipping (the # transfer takes 10 days, so they give you a temporary number to use in the mean time). Vonage is also the only publicly traded VoIP company, and currently the only VoIP company that stands a chance of successfully competing with the cable companies. At $25/month for the unlimited plan, it’s more expensive than SR, but still cheaper than my cable company or local carrier.

  57. I looked in to Vonage, but when I called to get set up I could not understand the Customer Service Rep. When I gave them my name they kept spelling it wrong, saying ‘G’ instead of ‘J’. I looked around at a few local companies and found a newer company that has been in the Voip game for about two years. I called in and talked to their customer service and one of their sales reps, and they were great. I could actually understand them! Their website doesn’t have a ton about their Voip product, since they just went national. Check them out though, I was really surprised. The website is http://www.nuvont.net, and their number is 1-877- Nuvont1

  58. I just lost my service and been trying to get in contact with them. So if they are out of business what happens to the $200 I just paid two months ago? They did not even send an email to their customers to say they are out of business. I had to go online and find out on my own. This sucks. I want my money back!!!

  59. As of 1:30PM EST July 19th, my SR phone numbers are still working, but SR voicemail has been dead for days.

    For those of you seeking a refund, IMO your best bet is your credit card company. Otherwise, we’ll be unsecured creditors. And if SR really owes millions, we are unlikely to see refunds.

    For what it’s worth, ATT offers a $5/month discount if you have cell service with them. So their U.S. unlimited plan would be $19.99/month. Lingo is $21.95/month. Packet8 is $24.99/month. Cox (my ISP), wants $39.95/month for service comparable to what I have had with SR. Though I got my money’s worth from SR over the past few years, I will definitely not buy any more annual prepaid plans.

  60. Well SR did go out of business and they took over $600.00 out of my bank account before they left. Never saw that coming.

  61. Some conpanies are honoring contracts that were held by sunrocket. Do a google search and there are forbes and new york times articles outlining which ones here is a liknk about net2phone that will lead you into a few others.



    Luckily I was at the end of my contract, my 3 free months end this month, hopefully this will help some who just signed up.

  62. Guys,
    I am also a SR member and used their service for about 7 months. I was happy to find great service at such a reasonable price, but that’s gone now. For all of you wondering what to do to get your numbers transferred to another company all you have to do is act fast and start the transfer process. I signed up with a company at http://www.voipyourlife.com/
    This was the one company that came closest to SR in the International plans, which is use most. One of the customer service reps at VYL told me that because of FCC regulations SR is allowing other services to receive the numbers, she told me that it will work out nicely regardless with which company you go, so don’t listen to the packet 8 advertisement that they are the only ones with that capability. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email magliotti@comcast.net or call me at, ooppps! strike that my phone is not working. LOL

  63. Hi..

    I also been a happy customer with SR for 3-4 yrs..and my phone is still working but no voicemail access…

    I just signed up with Lingo.com…
    on my friends recommendation..he has been with their monthly plan for 3 yrs..

    I signed up for the 195/yr plan..comparable to SR…and they are going to port my number over…and FREE shipping, activation etc..although they charge 40 upfront..but will b refunded at 3 months…

    ALSO -please note that they will charge 3-5 dollars a month for taxes / e911 mandated fees ( i think all of the other companies are charging too – read the small print )…

    AND the good thing was that when I said I was referred by my friend. ..we both get 25$ in each account…

    It took them about 5 mins to do the booking and I was all set..just call the 866 number on the page and talk to them..

    So if you are interested in joining..give my email : kothariashwin@gmail.com
    Name : Ashwin Kothari

    Good Luck in whatever service you choose…and main thing is the number portability..hope all works out ..

  64. FRICK! Just tried to file a dispute. Its outside the 60 day period. I’m screwed. I think we should find Lisa Hook!!

  65. I still have my SR service without the voice mail but the voice mail hasn’t worked for eons. I went to SR website and they have changed the home page with a sob story about going out of business. But I took the opportunity to print any documentation I may need for these other providers and their offers. Figured I better do it before those losers tear down all proof that they ever existed. Waiting for my new equipment to arrive and praying the number transfer goes smoothly. About the only good thing eith this is that my new provider has the feature where you can cancel call waiting on a per call basis. Always hated that you couldn’t do that on SR. For god sake, my landlline phone had that ability eons ago and those idiots couldn’t do it. But come to think of it, their tech people were blithering idiots every single time i talked to them which was quite often unfortnately.

  66. found out at 5:30 am that sunrocket was liquidating…. did a quick internet seach as the message from SR was not very helpful about refunds if you paid annually – like we did. After reading a few blogs… found one that stated they had heard the news last night (11pm) — they had service since January 2007, they called their credit card company and received a pro-rated refund.

    i called my Chase – we purchased service in march 07 – they issued a pro-rated refund for the period we did not receive service.
    my custermer service rep was very familiar with the sr issue and I did not have any problems… bottom line — its not too late to get a prorated credit for service you will never receive.

    also – i was skeptical about Teleblend… opted for Packet8 – was able to find reviews about them and they waive the first month service fee (only paid $5.38 for two lines). can change within 30 days to antoher without penalty. the customer servce rep was very helpful, they give you their full name and telephone number to reach them.

  67. please please let me know how did you get the refund..?I am trying to call the sustomer service but it says that they stopped receiving calls.
    I just got my SR fon 1 month back.

    please help.

  68. SunRocket Telephone Adapter FOR SALE, 4 months old…Cheap! Call 1-800-GARBAGE!

    I recommend that everyone call their bank and see if they can get a prorated refund. My bank did it. I suspect that they will use credit card company channels to go after SunRocket.


  69. Check out http://www.myteleblend.net/. There is no extra charge, SR # is ported, and better yet SR gizmo is to be used. No annual contract, and just $15/mo including tax) for SR customers. This is by far the best deal. The co. seems to have some connection with SR, but I am risking $15 only.

  70. No one should have a problem getting their Sunrocket no. ported. The problem is a lot of cust. reps. at the various VOIP cos. are unfamiliar with the process.

    I decided to go w/AT&T as I already have internet and one land line with them in addition to the two VOIP nos. w/Sunrocket. (I had these two numbers for approx. 25 yrs & wasn’t about to lose them as I did the $’s I paid SR!) When I called AT&T Friday I spoke to two different cust. reps. then their supervisor insisting it could be done even though Sunrocket was no longer in business before they finally got me through to the correct dept. who handles transfer of numbers. The lady at AT&T checked & verified
    both of my phone numbers with Sunrocket were owned by Global Crossing (they ventured with Sunrocket in Sept.’06 google Sunrocket/Global Crossing). After verifying with a third party that I was authorized to make the request, (this is required by the FCC she said) she was able to begin the process of requesting them from Global Crossing.

    I keep a basic land line phone as backup since in Dallas (raining) we’ve had too many power failures which causes you to lose both internet (desktop) and your phone service with strictly a VOIP, unless you have a cell phone & laptop.

    Sunrocket should be thankful they’re not a Building and I’m not al-Qaeda!

  71. BEWARE. Voip.com is beyond useless and pathetic. I was on hold today for over 2 hours and never spoke to any one. Whn I firest called, I was caller number 8 with an approx hold time of under 2 min. then after 20 minutes the approx hold time was boosted to 15 minutes even though i was now #6 in line. when i became number 1 in line (after 40 min) i waited for another 90 minnutes and eventually HUNG UP because i was so irritated. they do NOT answer e mail inquiries or anything. and even as bad and pathetic as SR was, at least they answered the phone and e msils.

  72. It just keeps getting better…signed up for Teleblend yesterday. E-mailed them and asked when voicemail would be available. Since I didn’t get a response, I called the phone number on their site AND SURPRISE…the number is not in service….weird thing is my phone works, but without voicemail.

  73. SunRocket Update

    Update: July 20, 2007, 4:15pm PT: We’ve had more questions about the emails that SunRocket customers have been receiving promoting two specific VoIP providers, Teleblend and Packet8, and what we think of those providers. First, we definitely do not recommend Teleblend. This company has no history whatsoever and as far as we can tell just appeared out of nowhere in the last several days. While we cannot confirm this, it seems as though a few ex-SunRocket employees just started the company this week in order to attract SunRocket customers. In our opinion, the whole thing seems a bit suspicious.


    I just called the old SunRocket nos. 1-800-786-0132 & 1-877-252-4548 and guess who answers TELEBLEND!!!!!

    Sorry to hear DAS you signed up w/Teleblend & their number was not in service & you have no voicemail. That’s the least of your problems & the others who signed up with Teleblend. Teleblend only set up business a week or so ago and registered that NAME! DAS call the above old Sunrocket nos. and they’ll answer Teleblend!!!!

    Until I get back all of my money from SunRocket (as far as I’m concerned they’re now Teleblend) on the un-used portion of phone services I never received, I will (and I intend to encourage all of the others who went with other VOIP’s other than Teleblend),in actuality they are Sunrocket whose paying Sherwood a fee in the liquidation of Sunrocket) to put the above numbers in storage & re-dial it constantly tying up their lines!

    Finding former SR’s customers is no problem just go to Google and the other search engines and type in “SUNROCKET” and see a lot of the former disgruntled, incovenienced people who were ROBBED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, not to mention former disgruntled workers who were deceived then laid off with NO NOTICE and NO SEVERANCE PAY!

    I’m retired and self-employed & this is going to be more fun than I’ve had in a LONG TIME! Gotta go as there’s lots of work ahead playing games with Sunrocket/Teleblend’s phone lines like they did with my bank debit card!

  75. I paid $199 for 2 years on a long weekend deal and completed 8 months approx. I sent mail to sunrocket , no response, Instead asking to sign up with other companies which they recommended. I don’t go with the companies they suggested, here they cheated and also trying to get money from us by signing up with other companies. Lessons learned “Don’t sign up for long term deals” go for monthly. Don’t ever choose the companies what sunrocket recommended.

    Please do research and select your own.

  76. Those assholes at Sunrocket; they just automatically renewed my contract on July 11th. They knew they were going under, so why did they bother to renew my contract? Of course, I guess I should count my blessings because I was at least able to file a dispute with my credit card company, so I might get the refund. I won’t owe anything until the investigation is over anyway.

    I just want to thank the SR CSRs for their outstanding service for the past year. I only had a couple of problems, and they were handled very quickly. I feel bad that they were treated so badly by SR. I hope they find new employment quickly.

    As far as Teleblend is concerned, it’s just a matter of time, I feel, before they go under because I believe Sunrocket’s creditors will go after them.

  77. i just called the old sunrocket number, 800-786-0132, and i recvd the stupid we are not taking cust serv calls ot new customers. don’t know how that other person got a teleblend message. website is still functioning to retrieve old info from.

  78. now i understand. when i did my orig post a few minutes ago i was using my cell phone. then i decided to try with my SR phone number and i did get the teleblend answer. so it is obvious they are trapping SR customers beause you can’t block outgoing caller id when dialing an 800 number. CREEPS

  79. Yes, mimi – I’m not nuts! I was on the phone today earlier 7/22 about an hour or so talking to a Cust. Rep. on the 1-800-786-0132 and it answered Teleblend, etc. using my SR phone number. Yesterday, 7/21 I called from my other SR no. and kept a different Cust. Rep. on for about 45 mins. or so. (I have 2 different numbers with Sunrocket.) One’s in my name & the other in my son’s name. My acct. was debited $428.22 ($212.11 in April & $212.11 in May) with my Bank debit card of this year. Yes, I’m disputing it and filled out their form with a few articles printed off the internet attached to the form & mailed it back.

    Anyway, both Cust. Reps. got excited as one thinks I’m wanting to go with Teleblend for about 8 to 10 phone lines, as I have the reuter & computers besides the two SR numbers I have. The other I told I was thinking about 3 or 4 lines besides just the most important SR line with that number and was asking her how many gizmos I’d need besides the ones I already have, blah, blah.

    You have to use this strategy or they won’t let you keep them on the phone for long if you’re only talking about 1 or 2 lines.

    The one I spoke to yesterday told me they have 3 shifts working 3:00pm – 11:00pm; 11:00pm to 7:00am; 7:00am – 3:00pm. 24/7. I had a better talk with him though rather than the female I spoke to today. As I said something to the effect of ‘How do I know Teleblend won’t mess me around like Sunrocket did?’ He said they’re with USA Telphone and formed Teleblend who bought SunRocket’s equipment and all of their names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. I said ‘Gosh, than Global Crossing must be lying as they said they own most of the SR phone nos. and the other of SR phone numbers were owned by Level 3 Communications that haven’t been ported out yet.’ He said well, that’s actually true & how did I find out. I lied and said I have an old friend who lives out of state and works for Global Crossing. (Sometimes I had a hard time trying to keep from laughing as I spoke to him.)

    Then I told him about this business I inherited (another lie) and was working on getting the best features with the phone lines & needed to know about the features they offered with Teleblend that I could get as a Sunrocket customer. He said ‘well as you know we still have everything except voice mail but hopefully should find one within the next week or so.’ I asked about long distance & he said they just found one this past week that they had contracted with & that company would provide the old sunrocket customers with through Teleblend.

    Now back to the lady cust. rep. I spoke to today Sunday at the same number as the guy Saturday. I got mad at her as she was trying to terminate our conversation as I already had her on the phone almost an hour. That’s the one I was trying to help me with on getting me 3 to 4 new phone lines and most important my SR number as I said that number has it on my bus. stationary; bus. cards and on my bldg. space I was leasing w/option to purchase. And told her I hired someone a month ago to engrave that particular SR number into granite as my bldg. space was facing an outside major street here in Dallas & the granite block was attached to the outside with the number etched into it with 10 by 12 inch numbers. (I was in the kitchen cooking at that time & had to grab a dish towel & stick it partially in my mouth to keep from laughing over that lie.) She assured me in addition to the 3 -4 lines & numbers they would give me, I could keep my SR number that was etched in the granite block. She started getting irritated as she said she needed to help catch some of the lines that were waiting on hold. I said “Now I called you before they did, so I want you to finish talking to me or I’ll take my business elsewhere.” She was almost in tears by then and in an irritated voice said that they were under horrible pressure as they were having to track all of Sunrocket’s numbers and forced into slowing the ones that had already been requested to be ported. In addition tracking all the new numbers being requested.

    I knew already from the guy I spoke to yesterday that he said there wasn’t too many left of the 200,000 or so of Sunrocket customers that haven’t requested yet another provider or Teleblend, but he said as soon as they neared the end of the list they would be given authorization to cut their lines.

    Gotta go it’s late and get back on the phone with someone else in the morning. I have 2 friends coming around 10:00 in the morning to help me. AT&T requested one of my two numbers to be ported last week. It’s owned by Global Crossing she told me & would let me know if or when it gets ported. The only line I’ll let my son decide. Once they cut the lines they’re free to offer those numbers to whomever.

    Oh, I can say is God help Global Crossing and their phone lines if my number isn’t ported. I’ve already got a list of their numbers I’m going to put in memory for re-dial. AT&T already verified it’s Global’s & not Level 3 Communications.

  80. My boyfriend is a former employee of Sunrocket and he was laid off a week or so before the company officially went under. He was among the unfortunate souls whom were laid off with no warning and no severance. He had been working ALOT of overtime in the 2 weeks preceeding him being laid off and when he was actually let go they gave him his final paycheck and some paperwork. A few days later when he went to cash the paycheck he noticed that they hadn’t paid him for his overtime and that is just grimey of them. Does anyone think we should pursue getting the rest of his money? Because he worked those hours and wasn’t paid, that’s gotta be against the law right? What the hell can we do about it???

  81. Call 1-877-252-4548 and tie up Teleblend’s phone lines. They’ve already sent me e-mails coming from sunrocket@sunrocket.com badgering me as an former Sunrocket customer to join up with Teleblend or they’re going to cut off my line and won’t let me have my number back. Hee Hee, I already have a back-up land line. I called the above number from my land & SR and put the phone down while they automatically put me on hold. I periodically go back to check it in case someone answered it then hung up. I immediately re-dial that number and put the phone back down. Hee Hee! Paybacks are hell.

  82. Anybody knows how can I access the Sunrocket Webpage, I forget my password, I tried to send email and did a lot of call but nothing..
    and actually I try to get another company, but this company request me, for some paper, but unfornatelly I forget my passwrod, and I can’t access the WebPAge.

  83. can’t beliehve th ose idiots at sunrocket suddenly got the voice mail repaired just day before they are shutting down the few of us that still have service. MORONS

  84. I can’t stay away from Teleblend as I’m addicted to them. Now I’m back addicted to Sunrocket as I know they love me too. You see Sunrocket has sent me e-mails, and now to show their true love they’re calling me as well with an automated message coming from (703) 394-4150 my caller I.D. shows. So both Teleblend & Sunrocket are both in love with me.

    (See earlier blog above.) When I call 703-394-4150 sometimes I get a fast busy, but I keep trying then I get their automated message. After the message you’ll get a long pause then it tells you to hold for an operator, etc. (automated also) then you can leave a message so now I’ve been leaving them messages at 1-703-394-4150 to please call Teleblend at 1-877-252-4548 as they just keep me on hold for another cust. rep. I left them 8 messages today at the 703-394-4150. Now I’m leaving a message that they’re not contacting the number to have Teleblend call me. The last 2 messages I said that since Sunrocket is going to cut off my service at the close of 8/5 that I’ll have to take my business elsewhere but I said I don’t like 8×8 at all!! You see 8×8 hasn’t been calling or e-mailing me, so I say “I’m so scared that after Sunday 8/5, I’ll have to go with someone else entirely as they left me no choice as they’re going to cut my line and I will have to take my business elsewhere with the 8-10 land lines I’m wanting to convert to voip lines.

    What’s so funny is I’m been using the line they haven’t cut off to plea my case!

  85. When a VOIP company decides they are going to honor at least 1 yr buyout contract for the SR victims, then I will use a phone. This is BS. Vonage offers 99cent activation with no other activation fee AND $24.99 per month with first 2 mths free. Teleblend is a rip off. When Ethics is returned to the business world and the damn liars get put in jail. When people stop ripping off hard working single mothers who are on extreme limited budgets then maybe you will earn my service.

  86. All SunRocket(SR) Customer,

    I was a sunrocket customer, as I understand that SR played the bankruptcy game to the customer, it looks that they alreay planned when they have a promotion for 199/year plan, they rubbed the balance money on each contract from the customer, TeleBlend(TB) takes over everything from SR except contract, they just changed the company name from SR to TB.

    Do you have any idea to handle this issue, it is not a small issue, it is a big,big,big, huge issue, it is related to 200,000 customers

    We have to ask goverment to protect us to have it in fair, where is the goverment? where is the policeman? where is the lawyer? where is our congressman? did they know the issue or not?

    A SR Customer

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