9 thoughts on “Superbowl Tech Ads, Vote for your favorite”

  1. Although its not a technology company, the Coke add which featured a positive take on Grand Theft Auto phenomena was really pretty good.

  2. The T-Mobile commercial with D Wade and Sir Charles was OLD! I really don’t think they should be up for consideration if a company chose to just run and old ad in that ultra-expensive slot. Kind of a wast of a lot of good hype.

  3. David,

    you have to admit, it is a great commercial and does a good job of selling the “myfaves” feature. I personally loved it, so I am a tad biased.

  4. didn’t the Dwyane Wade commercial air like 6 months ago…you guys need to watch sportscenter more often…anyways I loved the Kevin Federline commercial even though it wasn’t tech

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