3 thoughts on “Susan Kalla Predicts downturn, again”

  1. I tend to agree with most of this, especially your analysis, however, I think the little VoIP companies will end up being rolled up. Well, at least the ones with *PAYING* customers, then blended in with the companies that have the better technology.

  2. Om,
    Could you please walk me through the demise of mobile wireless carriers? Landline, perhaps via classic disruption via VOIP. But Vodafone, T-Mobile, and the rest under threat? Wi-Fi + VOIP? Please.

    -Douglass Turner
    voice/sms: + 354 895 5077

  3. well this does not affect the wireless guys directly. however, as the price war escalates at some point they would have to lower their voice prices – and again it would be a bit deflationary. not right away but that would catch up. i think if wireless companies successfully transform themselves into access companies – i.e. go wireless plus, they could be quite safe. voice alone is going to become a commodity unfortunately. but i agree, they are less at risk compared to others.

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