One thought on “Symbian Bullish On The Future”

  1. The Symbian numbers are misleading. They include Series 40, 60 and 90 phones, and I suspect 85% of the numbers are Series 40 feature phones.

    Isn’t part of the game mindshare for developers? I don’t know enough about programming, but the various versions of symbian all look very different. You can’t make on application to fit them all (s40, s60, UIQ). S60 itself has different “Feature Packs” which are occasionally incompatible.

    If you are comparing smartphone, I think we should only be comparing s60 phones with the iphones. I haven’t seen those numbers,. From a developer’s point of view, where would I rather work: on Symbian with a very confusing tiered OS, or with the Iphone/Ipod touch mobile web?

    I compare it to Honda vs. GM. GM has have more diversity — but Honda has the Accord (best seller). The cloud is moves to the single platform.

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