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  1. > I guess its best served on Symbian

    It’s a Java application so it probably doesn’t matter what operating system your device is running. The word is that JME (Java Mobile Edition) itself will be open sourced before the end of the year.

  2. That would be seriously hot… lot of cool new developments. I just tried the service… doesn’t work too well with Blackberry (NOT WORKING) but got it working on an old Nokia phone in a matter of seconds.

  3. Blackberry is very stringent on security settings and access to applications and as a result it is having the problems. I tried with old phones – works nicely, though the UI just simply blows. Wish some of these open source projects paid some attention to the GUI and stuff.

  4. Unfortunately it requires certain extensions to the J2ME to be supported by your phone – specifically the Java API to access the calendar stuff – it doesn’t work for my C550 for example (however it works fine on a C600).

  5. gcalsyn unable to verify digital signature on my SPV5 C550
    but I guess as OLLI just said above it doesn’t work on his C550 either I am just going to go have to sulk and wait around till I either get a new phone (march) or someone releases one that works with my phone (I am far to lazy/stupid to make one myself!)

  6. Guys, did you try the unsigned version of the software? You need to install, power down and restart the phone. also, i have only got this working on Nokia phones – 6680, N71 and Nokia N73. Not working on 8801 and often enough on the E61. (Cingular E62 it does not work.)

  7. syncing google-calendar, or any other web-calendar out there with mobile phones is an important niche overlooked by phone makers.

    nokia has a suite for syncing with outlook which i bet covers up some of the users out there, but its sad to see that a company investing so much in their pc suite fails to spot the importance of open standard sync…

    gcalsync is nice, but not far from perfect.

    this niche is still open up for smart players

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  9. I’ve been using GCal Sync with my phone (Nokia E61) for about a month. It’s a must have There were some recent updates that supposedly fixed some timezone issues but I haven’t gotten the chance to download the new software.

    I actually use about four different Google Calendars I created for the different parts of my life. But in order to have all events sync up on my phone, I just copy them over to the main calendar and then hide them on an individual basis.

    It’s a great tool and makes my phone a ‘go to’ source for all appointments and meetings.

  10. Sadly, my LG VX9000 appears to be useless. Damn Verizon. I just get to see the program code rather than given even an opportunity to install.


  11. Yes, I’ve been using the saraya app for a couple of months and it’s working more or less – meaning the bugs are not really fixed, so it’s a pain really. Can’t wait for something else! Help!

  12. Sync Gcal with any mobile phone…

    Apologies for the seemingly blatant commercialization but here goes!

    We are currently developing an application that facilitates the seamless synchronization of your mobile phone calendar with Google Calendar. The solution is handset and network independent. We are seeking volunteer beta testers, so if anyone is interested please register interest on our website http://www.mobiun.com

  13. Google sync looked like my solution. My enterprise uses NotifyLink which is a complete disaster as a synching product to Groupwise. I synched to Outlook, exported my calendar as a csv file to get all my current entries into Google calendar. Loaded Google sync to my ATT 8800, I was a pig is S _ _ _.

    Then… I realized that not all the entries that I was creating were synching. I gave my secretary full editing permission to my calendar (and asked her to keep a record of all changes while I test the syncing.) The initial tests passes. When we moved to “production”, I saw that some appointments that were created on Google calendar never synched to my BBerry, and some from my BBerry would appear on the calendar and then vanish from my BBerry.

    Oh well, Sync needs to go back to Google labs. it’s not ripe yet…

  14. Claiming that NotifyLink is a “complete disaster” is like yelling to the world that you don’t understand technology! NotifyLink works better than GroupWise mobile server.

    You should call for tech support rather than make slanderous comments dude!

  15. I installed GcalSync on a Nokia E71. It only worked in one direction (upload), it ignored repeats, and it got the time two hours wrong! (Yes, I checked my settings on both phone and Google).
    Not much good I’m afraid

  16. Checkout vufone.com it allows full sync of your mobile (contacts, calendar, messages, files) to the web, MS outlook and Google calendar and contacts.

    The service is free for a year if you register during Feb 2009.

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