19 thoughts on “Say Hello to a New GooglePhone: The T-Mobile MyTouch”

  1. om,
    you got to stop seeking nirvana from your mobile phone. you are bound to be disappointed one way or another…

  2. Om

    For FWIW , the G2 is not in the same class of iPhone or Pre.
    Its got a long way to go.

    You might want to wait till that HTC Hero gets released.

    1. GBP

      I guess it is like saying there is none like Audrey Hepburn 😉

      Seriously great device for people who are looking for a non-iPhone device and it actually rocks. I have been using it with Google Voice and it is pretty rocking. Enjoyable device worth its price. .

      1. Om,
        You have the privilege of getting the phones early so you know better.
        From the looks of it , it beats G1 in the beauty contest.
        Don’t you feel the lack of keyboard is a big deal for folks like you ( the blackberry fans)

  3. This article mentions you can get the MyTouch for $199 with a 2-year contract. This does not apply to CURRENT Tmobile customers. So once again, the wirless companies screw the loyal customer and make them pay $400 for the same phone!

    1. That is $199.99 with a two-year contract – OR a two-year extension if you are a T-Mobile customer and qualify (i.e., if your last upgrade was 22 months ago – I believe the time is what I had been quoted at 18 months into my contract).

      And the list on the myTouch is $499.99.

      T-Mobile customer since 1997 (VoiceStream, then Powertel, actually). And I got my phone last Friday.

    2. They’re not screwing you, you’re screwing them if you take a subsidized phone when you agreed to a legally-binding service contract. You’re full of it. They might as well hand you $200 for the “privledge” of allowing you to use the phone on their network. Grow up.

  4. A friend at google gave me one of the IO conference versions (which I think are identical to the MyTouch).

    It’s a nice handset.

    The haptic keyboard is really nice.

    It’s smaller and lighter than the iPhone.

    It seems to find and reconnect to wifi networks better than the iphone.

    Not having to deal with the whole iTunes synch BS to copy media onto the phone is really nice.

    Google voice is awesome.

    The iPhones video is much better.

    The integration with google applications (gmail, cal, etc) is totally seamless.

    I’ve got a ATT sim in it so I can’t comment on tmo’s network.

    This will all get very interesting when VZW starts shipping Android phones this year. If Android is on 10-20 handset models by the end of next year this is a whole new ball game.

  5. It comes with no user manual, so you learn by doing – just the way you did with previous phones that came WITH the manual!

    The SD card is listed on T-Mobile’s site as a mini-SD when it actually is a micro-SD.

    Bluetooth does not work to transfer files to/from a computer. According to other sites, it does not support voice dialing, either.

    The phone is 3.2 MP, although Walmart is advertising the phone (for $198 + 2-year contract – or extension) as 3.1 MP – whoopee-$**T.

    Nice phone, James.

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