4 thoughts on “T-Mobile USA 3G in 2007”

  1. “The fourth rank is a good position,” Obermann said, adding that T-Mobile USA, as part of T-Mobile International with 75 million subscribers, had bigger purchasing power than any other U.S. operator.

    You gotta love that. If they’ve got such tremendous buying power, why is their handset lineup so lame?

  2. T-Mobile USA is kicking ass, notwithstanding some folks.

    T-Mobile is a mere 12,000 subs behind Sprint PCS, who has 18,283,000 (direct, non-MVNO, non-affiliate subs) vs. 18,271,000.

    T-Mobile’s netadds are roughly twice that of Sprint and Nextel, who TMUSA passed last year.

    Absent this forthcoming merger, TMUSA would be the number 3 carrier, very impressive.


    In an era when the SEC and the NYAG are leveling charges in every direction, why do these guys ignore the pressers from FON that misleadingly list subscribers from other companies in which they aren’t majority owner. They don’t even state their ownership percentage ala Cingular.

    Only in America.
    Just curious.

  3. I guess being rated number 1 by J.D.Power and Associates in 2004 and 2005 makes T-Mobile the business carrier to catch. Cingular or ATT or CingATT can only wish they could supply customer service like the “Tâ€?.

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