4 thoughts on “Now Even More Video Aggregation…Why?”

  1. Hmm…this is interesting. There’s a site, CavengerNews.com that does something like this, it incorporates audio, video and text news. In short, it looks like Megite and Tailrank were beaten to the punch.

  2. Since I use Google Reader as a central feed mechanism one of the files is “video”. Within it I have feed from “Google Video engEDU” and Beet.tv. This is very much like a web video channel for me. I like very much. I wish I could find more feeds like these.

    These are great video feeds for technology insights.

    What I’d like an improvement upon is tag/keyword search for other video feeds to include a filetype otpion for video e.g., in Google Reader’s keyword search if I type in “video Om Malik” I will get results that include any site that has the word “video” or “Om” which is a lot of not relevant hits.

    If I were able to select a filetype for the results as video and then enter a search term like Om Malik I should be able to get back only video files which Om is either in or mentioned in.

  3. With the plethora of video now available online, I welcome the addition of news video aggregators. The increased competition should keep these guys honest. My personal favorite is CavengerNews.com

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