15 thoughts on “Take That, Google! MapQuest Snags OnStar Deal”

  1. Wow, mapquest is without a doubt the worst mapping service out there. Of course anyone who relies on spoken navigation directions or calls to an advisor kinda deserves to get lost. Just buy a GPS for your car and stop paying for onstar!

  2. Leave it to Mapquest and GM to think they are selling something novel. This functionality has been available for Telenav users for over a year.

  3. @ Greg Sterling

    I think this is a new deal, surely an extension to their previous partnership/relationship. But still, i think itis a meaningful move for the company that was seen as losing all relevancy. Greg, what is your breakdown on the whole mapping from a local perspective, and how Google and others are doing? I know you spend a lot of time on this subject.

  4. And thats not the only place MQ is being more competitive: their latest developer API offering also has some features that are appealing in comparison with Google Maps; in particular, I’m thinking about the rate limits, static map dimensions, “theming” and the use of NAVTEQ data. We just swapped Google out for MapQuest at our location-based social blogging site: http://www.spotjots.com (for static maps; we still use GM or VE for non-static). The site is still a work in progress, so who knows how many implementations we’ll go through…but the more options, the better.

  5. Mapquest was sweet when it first came out, but it usually took you the long way to most places. Google maps are so much more direct and if there not you can change the course if you know a better route. Plus you get the street view with google maps.

  6. MapQuest is a perfect example of AOL’s complete inability to build decent international products. While they have updated their UK maps to a format more acceptable to local users, they have no aerial photography beyond that you could get from Mars, and no London tube/rail information. Lame, lame, lame.

    Meanwhile, Google have launched an intuitive and rich mapping product that works for every country I have tried it – and its been that way since day one.

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