9 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge with Opera CEO”

  1. *Most* of your content is free, I agree (and appreciate it!).

    However, I wouldn’t call the above “free content”. That’s like saying Amazon’s 30-second samples are free songs.

  2. I agree with Michael and ask Om to consider providing some indication that the rest of the article is not free and/or requires subscription instead of “more…”. Perhaps “in articles” is that cue?

  3. actually if you have been a long time reader, you know that most of business 2.0 content is for subscribers only. the articles are a clear indication of that. But will surely add a subscription-required sign next time around.

  4. See, now you guys are making me hungry.

    In any case, I think that would be a good solution, Om. My comment was mostly motivated by frustration (I really wanted to read that interview). I do not intend to sue.

  5. I can tell you it is a great piece – very well written. I find it surprising that the readers here aren’t all subscribers of the mag. I highly recommend it.

    Keep up the good work Om!

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