9 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge with Opera CEO”

  1. “Why offer RSS feeds when readers need to register for content?”

    I’m jus’ sayin’… (well, quoting.)

  2. wrong michael. comparing apples to orranges. my content via rss free. for business 2.0 – subscribe! different from throwing out headline and saying now register.

  3. *Most* of your content is free, I agree (and appreciate it!).

    However, I wouldn’t call the above “free content”. That’s like saying Amazon’s 30-second samples are free songs.

  4. I agree with Michael and ask Om to consider providing some indication that the rest of the article is not free and/or requires subscription instead of “more…”. Perhaps “in articles” is that cue?

  5. actually if you have been a long time reader, you know that most of business 2.0 content is for subscribers only. the articles are a clear indication of that. But will surely add a subscription-required sign next time around.

  6. See, now you guys are making me hungry.

    In any case, I think that would be a good solution, Om. My comment was mostly motivated by frustration (I really wanted to read that interview). I do not intend to sue.

  7. I can tell you it is a great piece – very well written. I find it surprising that the readers here aren’t all subscribers of the mag. I highly recommend it.

    Keep up the good work Om!

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