7 thoughts on “TalkCrunch, VoIP Start Ups and Digg”

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  3. Good to hear you guys weren’t euphoric over callback which didn’t last 10 years ago when IDT started it! One of the simple reasons people use sms overseas so much is because a phone call, even local call is expensive. In relative dollars the total cost of these new schemes is about the same as just dialing direct…not too mention the hassle. If i have no money and I’m in India my relative can pay to call me I don’t need to bear expense as it is free to get calls. The economics aren’t there for many markets.

  4. I am posting this comment as I am listening to the podcast; so this may be jumping the gun.

    I am sure you realize that you can not get Rebtel number for your Mom. Indeed if you can, the normal rate to call India will not be 17 cents (indeed it is 12, but no matter), but 2 cents, like it is for the other 30 nations in which Rebtel can issue a number.

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