2 thoughts on “Tech Support needed”

  1. Om – I thought you learned your lesson last time around… 😉 Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Been a while since I dove into MT…couple things…

    Assume you are running mySQL? Are you sure the DB is OK and not corrupt? Were there any issues on rebuild or errors you noticed in previous runs?

    Have you looked at the exported file? You can open in a text editor and see that the entries are consistent…

    Did you move the exported file into the import directory and name it properly? I recall having to say what it was called in the mt.cfg or some similar file.

    Thought about another Word Press install?

    Good luck!

  2. hey jonathan

    thanks for the tips. i actually was having some trouble with the output files and hence problems in importing. anyway fixed it right now. well i am going to stay mixed for a while till i get completely comfortable with word press. need to learn design and all those issues for word press


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