9 thoughts on “Tech Tracker for Amazon?”

  1. Androhair: It is stupid to think that one of the most important companies in the selling products online industry is willing to change its strategy and market just to gain more coverage, its like what Mercedez Benz tried once and failed, they sell luxury and comodity so why try to sell a cheaper car like the Class A, stick tou your strategy and let the others do their parts..Amazon keep selling products and invest in new technologies instead in waisting your time trying to have a little of everything.

  2. Tracking stocks are quite a big scam and target the unsophisticated investor – who might think that technology is really hot now – and I know the Amazon brand, so let me buy Amazon Technologies. Stock price is reflective of present value of future cash-flows as perceived by the market, and financial jugglery – unless it reduces cost of capital – is unlikely to make any difference.

    Regarding ads on product pages, if these are not done right, they could end up hurting rather than helping Amazon’s revenues. Buyer distraction will likely lead to higher abandon rates. So Amazon should hope that click-thru’s generate more revenue than the loss of revenue due to buyer frustration.

  3. An important thing to note about Amazon is the senior tech staff is leaving in droves. The company is still hiring aggressively – even as the announcement points out spending on new R&D is decreasing. These 2 public facts point to a high rate of attrition.

    The review of Amazon on coderific are also symptomatic and indicative of actually working there.

    How can a company “innovate” from the top-down?

  4. Didn’t we all learn our lesson with tracking stocks a few years ago. If there is synergy to having this business in house, do a better job of explaining it to analysts. If there is no synergy, spin it off into a completely separate company. If you issue a tracking stock, you’re just proving your company has no vision.

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