64 thoughts on “Fox executive new TechCrunch CEO”

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  2. Brendan,

    I suspect you are thinking along the same lines. Mike has often remarked that he wants to expand via acqusition and basically I think Heather is going to be a great addition to his team, and make his vision come true. Now a MA banker and an attorney in da house, even fees are going to be pretty low 😉

  3. Newroo and kSolo acquisitions…quick, tell me those are sponge-worthy, please!?!? Can someone verify if this is same chick who worked at News America Marketing on retail coupons?

  4. Janus,

    Looks like Mike is building out his business and is bringing in much needed help. I would say this is first step towards turning TC into a full fledged publishing business.

    On the Web 2.0 madness, well that is a topic of another post and I might be in full sync with you on that.

  5. Interesting. I just don’t know why he would need a CEO, but I guess he is the top dog, right? Top dogs are always usually innovating.

    So … Om… when are YOU hiring YOUR CEO? 🙂


  6. Rex,

    you are right… he is doing his thing. For now, I am going to see how long I wear the two hats and make it all work.

    But in the long run, all growing concerns need outside help, and a seasoned and innovative chief executive can do wonders for the little start-ups.

  7. Agreed that “a seasoned and innovative chief executive can do wonders for the little start-ups” – but she ain’t cheap thou…


  8. Hillary,

    I bet nothing that is good is cheap, and I for one am happy to see that someone like heather is taking on a new role. it makes perfect sense to get someone from the big media side of things to the emergent platforms, aka blogging.

  9. Hey Joe, I wish… I don’t have a CEO so answering email. Actually i am down with a bad back injury so moving around is tad difficult and given that i am not drinking…. well what’s the point of clubbing! THanks for reminding me 😉

  10. It must be tempting, in the new world of media, to rely on broadcast executives. In one way, they’re experienced. Unfortunatly, they’re experienced in the wrong things — particularly someone from FOX.

  11. Jim Hass,

    Read the post again. She’s from FOX INTERACTIVE MEDIA, not FOX TV or FOX NEWS. Fox Interactive Media = the people who own MySpace.

  12. This is a smart move. I think this will probably free Mike up to expand on the empire, and I wouldn’t be suprised to see some new products and offerings from TC. There seems to be a lot of Fox bashing here, but the fact is that FIM is actually pretty damn good at what they do.

    They arguably got a steal of a deal for MySpace, and Newroo will be the basis for an actually decent MySpace news product. Good for TC!

  13. If Tello is a sample of things to come, having experienced, savvy dealmakers on board will be a good counter-cyclical move on Mike’s part.

  14. Nice scoop, Om.

    I’ve met Heather; and Michael’s made a wise and prescient move here. She’s a sharp and experienced lady…just one more example that blogging really is growing up to become an important; if not universally liked and/or accepted; player in the media world.

    …now, as for your back, for many; though it may seem counterintuitive as many doctors and health practitioners still recommend “rest” and heat; ice packs placed over the painful area/s (with a t-shirt or other thin material to prevent ice burn) with slow walking is often successful.

    This is especially effective for lower back pain/spasms/tightness.

  15. Since Heather is experienced with M&A, is an acquisition of GigaOm (for the right price of course) a possibility as Matt mentioned? From a reader’s perspective, you both seem to be friendly rivals covering the same goods.

    Also whats up with these links within the comments?? Its like spam. Please Om, have these removed…really annoying.

  16. So I’ll just say it: if we believe Harde’s hiring will culminate in some M&A, and Mr. Arrington is eager to expand is publishing presences and tech coverage, is it absurd to think there’s a TechCrunch-GigaOm merger at some point in the future? I’m just thinkin’ out loud here…

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