5 thoughts on “Technorati, losing its way?”

  1. Is that why flickr sold out to Yahoo? It’s pretty hard to make money with images?

    I’ve tried blogpulse — not impressed. I think you, and others, discount Technorati too quickly. You’re caught up in the technology and the business, rather than looking at how the services are used.

  2. Yeah, it may be too soon to say. I can read feeds with bloglines, but can do precious little useful with them after, like routing them out of the bloglines system..

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  4. shelly not sure what the point is – i am wondering where is the business model for technorati. in the end however people might use a technology, that usage needs to support an ongoing business. i think technorati needs to figure that out first. no slam on the technology or the people. its just a hard fact of life.

  5. I don’t see any use for Technorati. There search results are very confusing. And the search results aren’t relevant. They come out with this new system to get you to submit content with tags, and they don’t even follow your links back to your blog. They use nofollow. Complete waste of time.

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