4 thoughts on “TechSupport Needed Badly”

  1. Om,

    It is a problem on the IE6 on windows platform. Whenever one visits a the single post page i.e. when one clicks on the story link on IE6 on Win platform, It displays the story but with a giant white space one top of it. So one has to browse all the way down to the bottom to see the sotry. This seems to be the bug in the CSS file. I checked in the following Browsers and Win combinations

    1. Windows XP Pro IE6.0
    2. Windows 2000 Server IE6.0
    3. Windwos 2003 Server IE6.0


  2. I think the problem was with this form, which was going way deep into the right hand column. I changed the size and the problem seems to have been fixed. let me know if you folks run into any problems.

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