3 thoughts on “TechUZI, a digital lifestyle aggregrator”

  1. Wow! I love teh idea of spreading the meme – but teh service/site is nothing mroe than an RSS aggregator. Where’s the photo and music aggregation?

    Where’s the integrated webapp?

    Where’s the Ui to route things around my home?

    Come on dude – they gotta do better than this – to warrant the title – DLA!

  2. Marc as always you are cutting to the chase. Well I hope these guys realize it and do something about it. i like your concept and was actually going to comment on that – but apparently smart folks at corante have already done the trick

  3. I’m not exactly sure why Om decide to label the site a “Digital Lifestlye Aggregator.” That was never the intention of the site.

    Here are the details as posted on eHomeUpgrade:


    The producers of eHomeUpgrade are proud to announce the launch of TECHUZI (http://www.techuzi.com). Geared towards the tech enthusiast, TECHUZI is a unique news portal that offers the freshest, most relevant news, reviews, and perspectives from all the top online tech properties. Visitors can view category specific news or search the site for targeted content. In addition, all of the hand picked technology websites in the TECHUZI database are available for viewing, allowing users to catch up on their favorite technology news sites from one place.

    * Marc, I’m curious about your idea of of photo and music aggregation. Please expand on the idea.

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