6 thoughts on “Telecom Gear Mergers Ahead”

  1. Let’s see, talk of a Web bubble, talk of a Lucent Alcatel Merger . . . Is it 2000 again? There was even an episode of My Name is Earl about Y2K last night . . . coincidence?

  2. amen to that jesse. i think we are about to see a whole slew of these deals coming down the pike. some will be half baked, and others might work. it will be a telecom banker’s christmas gift. oh boy…

  3. Most of the layoffs will be at Lucent. Very difficult to layoff in France.
    Expect significant layoffs of Lucent staff in EMEA and Asian countries – except CDMA groups

  4. I question whether Lucent Alcatel will really happen. There is no more incentive for it now than there was in 2000. Some deals are slow-boiling though. SBC AT&T Bellsouth took almost 20 years . . .

  5. Well if they merge it could be good to get SMS billing of the ground like we have in the EU, so US people can pay parking and movie tickets with there mobile, that is a huge potential market there.


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