14 thoughts on “Teleflip Has Flipped For Good”

  1. I don’t think smartphones have reached a tipping point (and certainly data services have not)

    I just think reading your email 160 characters at a time is a crappy user experience.

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  3. I could not be more bummed about this. I actually developed the platform before the VC came in. I’m happy it helped so many people, and I’m sorry the money was squandered away so quickly. Learned a lot from the experience. Anyone know how to investigate where all the money went? I’d love to know.

  4. At our company we have text messaging block for all phones because it was costing us too much per month. At one time we were paying up to $4,000 in text messaging for Nextel alone! And we have 3,200 phones on Nextel. To work around that, we were having our 1,070 Blackberry users, on all our cell phone vendors, use Teleflip to text their customers. Now that Teleflip is down we have been researching to find something, anything similar to Teleflip that does not require us to download any type of software or register for any service, even if it is free. Has anyone found a service similar to Teleflip that would meet our needs?

    1. Stephanie B.,

      I’m a web developer; perhaps I could develop what they offered; The problem is I never saw and/or used their site so I’d need someone to provide me with as much details as possible about how their site worked, what you liked, what you disliked, etc…

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