9 thoughts on “Telephony's Tale of the Tape: Shrinking Telecom”

    1. Intriguing post Stefano, I’d appreciate learning more about the EBIDTA of PSTN and DSL and (presumably) how it influences/impacts access line loss dynamics for carriers. I can’t find an email link on your blog…which I enjoyed reading BTW. thanks.

  1. they also need to accept that selling broadband + mobile (with good usability/coverage) is better than user moving that traffic to skype. some of the fixed traffic has moved to those networks as well. not all of it revenue generating, but in the long term telcos need the customer relationship for voice more than others…

  2. The decline in total voice minutes (even adding mobile and landline together) owes to the long static value proposition of voice. Telco’s focused on consolidation to protect themselves from price competition only to see alternative forms of communication (mainly text based options) eat away at usage. The process will continue to pick up momentum unless the industry offers something to restore demand. I believe HD voice represents a great way to get voice usage and revenues going again.

    See http://gigaom.com/2009/02/18/high-definition-to-crash-the-voice-party/

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