12 thoughts on “Terabyte a year for $1000?”

  1. Sure, but the big issue who be how photographers and all use the Amazon service. Hey Jeffrey, how about you build a great tool that leverages S3 and helps people store their photos.

  2. I understand Amazon pricing because it is strictly cost based – this month for storage and that much for bandwidth. But all others seem to charge based on storage alone. This means they have modelled the number of downloads. So direct comparison to S3 is not possible.

    Also the storage cost at S3 for 1 TB for a year is .15x1000x12, which is %$1800, plus bandwidth cost. This suggests that Photoshelter is betting few will utilize the full storage limit. So watch out for fine print that limits on the number of downloads etc.

  3. Now I think Jeffrey’s gunning for my job. 🙂

    He’s right though – $40/year at SmugMug lets you store an unlimited (read: more than a terabyte) amount of photos.

  4. Fotki does it for $30 a year for “unlimited” – hell, I’ve got 30gb of stuff up there (now if I were to keep raw files there, then that’s another issue).

  5. 1 terabyte, wow.

    That would be luxurious … if it took any less than 12 DAYS to transfer that much data over my 8Mbps cable connection.

  6. PhotoShelter supports RAW, PSD, JPG, TIF with no file size limits. This makes it different from consumer/prosumer photo solutions. We also have the ability to support print, royalty-free and rights-managed based sales — so the comparison to something like Mozy or Fotki is apples to oranges. I agree that there are cheaper solutions, but they don’t have features like PhotoShelter. If you’re not a professional photographer, the point is moot.

    btw, i’m a big smugmug fan.

  7. @Om

    We built that application. Its called ElephantDrive. We abstract both the pricing and the technical relationship with S3. $9.95 /month for unlimited desktop storage, which at 1TB is a drastic discount from Amazon’s pricing…

    We also love SmugMug…

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