11 thoughts on “Thanks Google Keep! EverNote sees uptick in downloads, usage”

  1. Om,
    There are more users in Android eco system aka GECO system who have not heard of Evernote or who does not want another email password combo to remember. They might like the “Keep”. Though Evernote works better Google Keep will have users. On another note , have you seen Google Currents ? It can be a good alternative to the reader. You might like it.

  2. I like and use Google’s Currents app as well. Great alternative to Reader (pictures and All). I don’t get the Hate some show towards Google closing a money-loser when a powerfully good alternative is available.

    1. Currents is for tablets and phones only. There is no way to use Currents on the desktop, not even with a Chrome app. I do most my reading on the desktop so not being able to access my feeds through the web means Currents is not an option for me.

      If Currents had a web based solution, and the user was presented with “Reader is being retired, upgrade to Currents now” I think the backlash would have been less.

  3. I never heard of Evernote before the news stories about their password hack broke. Now I use it daily and have replaced my Microsoft OneNote. Whoever said that any publicity is still publicity was right on the money.

  4. I’ve been an Evernote Premium user for a couples years. Was concerned that Keep might have a negative impact on Evernote. Good to see otherwise. I use Keep as well as it syncs with my Google account in a useful way, while Evernote is more for my longer-term reference materials, tech notes etc. Good to have another ‘tool’ in the toolbox with Keep.

  5. If/when Google incorporates Keep into drive, I’ll likely switch to Keep for my personal stuff and continue to use EverNote for work. I just like not having to run an app for the every day things.

  6. I feel like Evernote is for power users whereas keep is just a competitor for Apple’s stock note taking app.

  7. I have been using Evernote across multiple devices since last year and always found it to be clunky and not ideal for organising my tasks and notes. Keep is perfect in this respect. It syncs easily and is not clunky. Note taking is quick and easy and no more extra passwords to remember! There zero lag accessing notes and thoughts can be recorded far more efficiently.

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