5 thoughts on “The 10 gigabit/second Lambda Network is Live”

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  2. I don’t quite get it. 10G has been available commercially for a while. It’s quite widely used in enterprises and service providers. So what’s the big deal ?

  3. victor. I think the big deal is that this is end-to-end 10GigE over a great distance. Most deployed 10GigE is limited to core-router to core-router connections (most of which are probably within a building). The screaming ethernet connections offered to end customers premises are 10Mpbs, 100Mbps, or 1Gbs. This is 10GigE premise to 10 GigE premise over a great distance. This must mean that the core is probably greater than 10GigE (probably OC-768/40Gig or some multi-lambda thing) Very cool.

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