15 thoughts on “The end of (iPod) nano watches”

  1. Yes The new Nano does have bluetooth. Maybe Apple eliminated a watch sized product so they can release a more sophisticated version in a year or so. Seem’s like a good market they took away and companies like pebble have proven the market viability to some extent.

  2. Nice read. I just wish if they were going to make it bigger that they had put a GPS in it to compete with Garmin. So many of my running friends are wearing those monstrosities I’d think there’d be plenty of opportunity for Apple (or someone) to bring some style to the game…

  3. Let’s hope the new Nano has a lot better moisture protection. I’ve been thru 4 already due to sweat damage simply clipped to my waistband – as per the User Manual instructions.

  4. I doubt that Apple have given up on wearable devices. I think they have a better idea than the “watch” format. Picture a platform centered on reading glasses which you wear by looking over the top of 2 retina displays providing 3D without the aberration introduced with vertical and horizontal polarization and the requirement to wear glasses anyway. The “iGlasses” are a wireless peripheral to existing iOS devices, expanding, not obsoleting, existing devices. Nikon have developed a nano-fresnel flat lens allowing you to view such tiny screens placed less than an inch in front of the eye. Among a thousand other things, this is the perfect camera viewfinder. No washout. Johnny Ive can go nuts with this in design.

  5. I’ll be honest… I don’t see any reason why this new design can’t be turned into a watch. It’s not like there aren’t giant, chunky watches out there already. This look would just make things a bit more… sci fi.

  6. As a big fan of Sinn watches, I totally share your asssessment of mechanical watches and why we love them. May I ask which ones are your favorites?

  7. I’m fascinated with our attraction to mechanical clockwork. Digital timepieces are far more accurate, and nature never uses such precise/predictable movements. Sir Isaac Newton’s “clockwork universe” was exploded sometime in the 1980s. We made orreries to track the movement of planets and moons, but Sussman/Wisdom determined that planetary motion is chaotic by nature.

    There’s something deeply-rooted in wanting the world to work like clockwork. Manmade devices work that way, but nature’s machinery never works that way.

    Apple keeps wandering with their designs for the Nano. Perhaps they’ll go back to a tiny square in a year or two. Or maybe the Nano will eventually shift to a thin flexible film — something that could be wearable on a wrist.

  8. Apple missed a great opportunity to head into the smartwatch category like the Pebble. If you could have key information show on the display while paired with BT4.0 it would have been great. But as always apple redesigns something that didn’t require it and again creates planned obsolescence.

    Its all about Apple’s profits and not the consumers benefits.

  9. The new ipod nano looks nice but is just a little ipod touch, so why shouldn’t you buy an ipod touch instead.
    But I need to admit that it’s better than the stupid previous generation.

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