16 thoughts on “The End of Macworld”

  1. If there’s a way that MacWorld can be a virtual event of sorts, the better. There are many folks around the world who can’t afford to go to these type of events. A virtual MacWorld, through the use of webcast technology, will reach out to more people willing to learn, listen, and share.

  2. I should add that I’ve met Phil Schiller and he’s a really nice guy. I’ve never actually seem Ballmer speak in person, but I have seem Bill Gates dance (at a Spencer Katt party at Comdex) and, yes, he is a very white guy 🙂

  3. @kerwell I think it would be interesting to see how the community responds to the non-presence of Steve and if Phil can really deliver a keynote people want to attend. It is incredible timing — just a month before the show.

  4. The ROI from trade shows has been taking a dump for years. This is hardly a shocker. Apple can throw a little event at the office and get the same kind of press. They don’t need the show.

  5. There’s a huge opportunity here for someone to organize an event that brings together the Mac community, especially the new iPhone developers. It should be cheap and fun like SXSW Interactive in Austin. I don’t think a traditional event organizer like the folks who do MacWorld can pull off something like that — has to be someone with new ideas, who is respected in the Mac community.

  6. “….publication Macworld (no affiliation with the show) notes…”
    Really? Last time I checked; both are owned by IDG.

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