5 thoughts on “The FTTH Update & IPTV Numbers”

  1. I have been salivating over the possibilities of IPTV for a while now, but ironically, I may never have access to it in my current home. I live outside the Tucson, AZ city limits, and don’t even have DSL or cable access, so what do you think my chances will be of ever getting fiber in my area?

    WiMax would probably not help either, as I would practically require a whole 40Meg backhaul path just for myself.

    Om is right about one thing. This is going to take a lot longer than people think. Consider this…

  2. It’s great to see healthy growth in IPTV but are there more examples of how IPTV expands how it can be used as a delivery system? For example, last week RBC Capital Markets released a report (http://www.rbc.com/newsroom/20060810tv.html) showing interest in IPTV due to the ability to watch content you want, when you want it. When will we see some interesting offerings like customized TV channels be rolled out?

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