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  1. hmmm, witchful (wishful) thinking ,
    You better sharpen your ammunition on google and walmart tooo.

    After all walmart can tell whos buying what , when and where
    And google can tell whose searchin what , when and where ?

    Sure once these companies are too big , the sales data can be mined for predicting economy.

  2. Isn’t this just an indication that adults who play video games and read a lot don’t ever want to leave the house? And that’s probably why the Zappos acquisition will likely a bust probably since those same folks won’t really need shoes? 🙂

  3. The 5% of total video game sales in the US sure doesn’t sound high and surely doesn’t surprise me. 5% is a pretty small number.

    Om – who did you think was selling all the video games?

    1. I think Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Electronics Boutique, Game Stop are dedicated retailers of video games. So I wasn’t quite expecting Amazon to be such a big player. By the way if their wireless and other lines of business are any indicator, then Amazon will became a massive massive player in this category as well.

      1. Electronis Boutique (EB Games since 2000) was taken over by Game Stop last September, so there are even fewer players in this space than you thought, though you did leave out Target.

  4. “Maybe Amazon has become such a behemoth and e-commerce such a mainstream activity that one can safely view the company’s results as a proxy for consumer economic activity in the U.S.”

    I think that there are still some significant jumps; first buying on Amazon generally requires a credit or debit card (I know you can pay by bank account, but that’s a bit trickier to set up, and I would think most transactions still use the cards), and browsing the site takes a computer with broadband (browsing on a dial up or slow DSL connection is painful, particularly as the pages have become more and more crowded). It also requires a certain amount of either experience or faith in e-commerce. I think that those three items still exclude a large portion of the population.

  5. It’s interesting that you mention Amazon data as being potentially indicative of the video game market–it really would be great if they released it.

    What is worth noting is that eBay data is available, and although they are not an etailer, their sales volume is similar and those numbers can be descriptive of market trends–especially the secondary market. See:


    for some recent analysis of the eBay data with regards to video games.

  6. If Amazon offers an advertising platform to share revenue with a global network of retail sites that display their ads, it would create a huge potential for gain.

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