13 thoughts on “The Gigaom Interview: A chat with Microsoft's Satya Nadella from before he was the (likely) next CEO”

  1. This guy is about as eloquent and straightforward as that guy from RIM … what was his name? Right … plant remember because he’s become irrelevant …

    Until *someone* from Microsoft can make some sense about their goals and directions without spouting roundabout meaningless drivel, I’m convinced they will also just continue to slide into irrelevance.

    I mean, if you can’t even decide what to do (“a bunch of different things”? Really?) do you think the laser focused Steve Jobs would describe Apple’s focus as “a bunch of cool stuff?”

    Well, if you’ve got nothing interesting, indirect babble is about all you have to fall back on, I suppose.

  2. Was it poor transcription, poor use of language or woolly thinking? This interview left me wondering whether Mr Malik is trying to expose a dud hopeful or has farmed out his editing to a machine that learned English at the knee of Google Translate.

      1. Om,

        I enjoyed reading the interview. Very intelligent answers to really interesting questions.

        I always saw Microsoft as an enterprise solutions company, and it’s good to hear that they are considering someone who has focus towards their strength.

        Even though they are everyone’s favourite punching bag, after every couple of years they to the software right. There are very few players left at the large scale game of enterprise solutions. So, I think it’s OK to shift the focus from the consumer to the enterprise for few years.


        Now I have to agree with ChrisM, I am not very good at English and I still found really annoying mistakes in the copy. I recommend you to please do a one more proof reading.

        I was half way through and found following errors in the copy.

        “In fact, I have meeting ISV after ISV, who built…”
        (I am meeting / I have been meeting / I have met)

        “How do you see the Cloud evolve both from scale, the size and the scope and explain to me in terms, perhaps that more can understand.”

        (‘Both’ is used for the list is of 3 things, also the word ‘The’ is misplaced, and rest of the sentence doesn’t’ even make sense)

        I don’t want to offend/attack anyone. But I was just wondering that how did this happened when you had 3+ months between the interview and the publication.

      1. Certainly, And there’s one more saying “jyaada bolne wale ko bewkuff kehte hai, kam bolne wale ko nahi”. I guess, pointing out silly mistakes or points from a well written article is just ridiculous. Satya Nadella was the main topic of the article and in comments, I am finding it hard to find a single debate on his Soon-to-be announced position at Microsoft.

  3. If i remove the management babble, posturing, double speak, and defensiveness…what am I left with here? Microsoft could be the hardest company to lead right now – an insider is probably the best choice until the point of crisis (ie. IBM in 1993) hits and then they can bring in a turnaround expert.

  4. Cancel RT Windows and get rid of Ribbons two steps forward, Microsoft has the money and the OS, but they need to focus and execute on getting something right other than Works and Windows time is running out in mobile. I wish Satya Nadella luck, if he’s the one.

  5. im sorry.. if the indian railway website is a showcase of azure capability or reliability or scalability, it sucks so bad that azure is now assured to be a load of shit.

  6. Thank you, Om!

    This was pretty darn fascinating! Usually on the tech sites I read, the focus is on what is MS doing with consumer facing technology, from Xbox to Windows to WP and devices (hardware). Cloud computing is not discussed much, probably because it is behind the curtain.

    As you know, a long term repeating trend is hardware -> software -> services, with the prime example being IBM. I get the sense that MS is following this path. However, as Mr. Nadella says, the company has the breadth to develop hardware devices and software. I’m an iOS fan, but I don’t think the mobile device arena is settled. MS still has a chance there (although the door is closing!).

    Also interesting was his dismissal of Apple. He might be correct that Apple is a non-player as far as building out the cloud for customers, but it is doing things internally to flesh out the Apple ecosystem. If/when he becomes CEO, I wonder if his attitude will change.

  7. As someone who has used the Indian Rail App, i doubt that “one of the biggest applications in India happens to be the Rail Reservation System app, and that’s now all built on Azure on the back.” – i am almost sure that only a part of this site is done using Azure.

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