26 thoughts on “The GigaOM Interview: Cole Brodman, CTO, T-Mobile USA”

  1. I believe they announced a while back to update their cell bandwidth at the cost of $200M. If all they get for that money is some crappy 20 Mb/s (and maybe, hopefully higher capacity in 4 years – at an investment of how much?) I think they are doing something wrong.

    Furthermore, they need to start building fiber to their cell sites, otherwise T-Mobile won’t be able to compete 1:1 with Verizon and AT&T when they upgrade to LTE. That is, if the latter two build high-capacity/fiber to their cells. Microwave is a great but not 100% reliable temporary solution, and it will prove to be too costly taken on a range basis. Similar issue with other short-range wireless techs, such as Free Space Optics. Fiber is the only solution. Anything less, and you’re wasting a great mobile solution on half-baked technology.

    1. That’s $200M for about 10,000 sites . . . 20Mbps crappy? Keep in mind that most carriers spent around $500M to get so-called 2.5G, which offered around 100kbps. Fiber to every cell site? That would be a multi-billion dollar project and neither AT&T nor Verizon are doing it (neither is Sprint). As for microwave, in reality it is more reliable than landline solutions (in terms of availability). Stupid/mean people are constantly cutting major fiber lines, knocking out multiple sites at a time. The reason the industry generally prefers land lines is because they are leased and go onto the balance sheet as an expense rather than a capital cost.

  2. I really like Cole Brodman – I think he’s a real forward thinker for a company that I haven’t much cared for in the past.

    After reading this, and a number of other, interviews I really feel like T Mobile is going to be very much on the uptick.

    I think the $200 Million price tag is a pretty fair value for what they are bringing in, and I agree with Jesse you have to look at what some paid to get to the legendary “2.5 G” and you see that the price tag is fair.

    This is going to be something VERY interesting to keep an eye on for the near future.

  3. Om, is the vid of the interview online anywhere, yet? This is the kind of thing my extended geek family likes to stream via the AppleTV and [argue about] discuss after supper.

  4. I left T-Mob to use the E71’s 3G on ATT…. I’d gladly switch back if they’d work with someone on a Symbian Foundation device.

    1. Hi Eric, T Mobile is GSM, you should be able to use just about any Symbian device, including your E71, on their network, provided the device is not SIM locked. Getting a subsidy? Well, that is is a different story.

      1. Yea I used the N80 and E51 on Tmob…. and it was slow…. with ATT I force OFF the 2G/GSM and my E71 still works perfectly in Cupertino and Sunnyvale…. When I switched I picked up the Fuze for free and sold it the next day… which paid for my E71 and a few tanks of gas. hahah.

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