7 thoughts on “GigaOM Interview: AOL's COO Ron Grant on the Bebo Buy”

  1. A social network in your portfolio is a must-have today for the web giants: in other words be strong in the ad display business to counter-balance the search ad king Google.

  2. Social NEtworks are the new black, I don’t buy this euphoria around social networks – this is the “free” madness that is beginning to spread around us.

  3. Bebo is real cool but AOL never managed to digest international services very well. Take a look at what they have done with ICQ, which could have been the most popular IM network.

  4. With everything AOL can “do”… why is it after cancelling my AOL account they can’t (won’t) mark my address as undeliverable (to those that do not know I have a new e-mail address)??? The sender then thinks I am just not responding. Don’t tell me it can’t be done (that it takes a year… if that’s true!!!) No address/telephone number to be found, to reach Mr. Grant… Maybe if he sees this (IF IT’LL EVEN BE POSTED) Mr. Grant would contact me and explain which policy allows AOL to do this!!!???
    Total frustration… but hey once you’re a “prior AOL” user… who cares!!!

  5. When you buy a new computer and AOL is part of the free software ~ watch out! AOL has a system that they will bill you if you do not contact them to let them know that you do not want them as your internet provider. The question I have is, how did they receive my credit card information? From the computer company [ DELL] ? Since I bought a Dell computer and Dell had my bank account information and since I did not give it to AOL ~ it only stands to reason that Dell and AOL are working together and share credit card information. Your credit card information!

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