9 thoughts on “The GigaOM Show #22: Tech Trends 2008”

  1. OM – very good show to wrap up the year – I have sent this around to my team as a must view – should not be news to most – but a good synthesis to stage for 2008- keeping ’em coming OM…. Best Wishes for the Holidays.

  2. The wireless carriers Achilles heel is that they don’t do software. If innovative apps get built on Android, I have to believe that the carriers will see the writing on the wall and side with open source over giving Apple more leverage.

  3. Om,
    Just read the news of you heart attack on Scob’s blog.
    Hoping you feel better soon because we need you. You are the only reporter who has the guts to ask, “How much $ … type questions. It does not matter that most people won’t talk money … it is the foremost thing on our minds. Besides, sometimes people DO answer with how much $ (so cool!) … Once, you asked the google director lady the “when” question 3 times. It was not rude you were pushing for breaking news. With Joyce by your side to recover the ball it made for the quality TV News we have not seen since the Huntley/Brinkley Report. We love you so take care!

    Zed, from Texas

  4. just came across this blog from a websearch. quite popular as I can see to those tech savvy guys like myself. Will surely come here again soon for latest info

  5. sorry one more thing is earth2tech also your own blog.. it is surely a blog that i will visit daily for more tech news compared to gizmodo

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