21 thoughts on “The GigaOM Show Episode#35: Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz; Show Is Taking A Break”

  1. Wow, what a great interview! What a way to end the season, this is why Om is the man! It was a great conversation to listen to, especially when Om chimed in and made it more of a two-way conversation by giving his own honest thoughts about how advertising is a flawed model, despite it funding his own site. I liked that there were some pointed questions and some disagreements, unlike the careful placidity most video interviews strive for. I wish you’d caught Jonathan on his assertion that social network advertising pays more than search advertising, which is decidedly not the case. Jonathan needs his feet held to the fire, particularly after that atrocious MySQL acquisition, and it was good to hear the two of you going at it.

  2. Ajay, social networking generally yields a higher CPM based on an understanding of demographic and intent – Jonathan’s quite right in that. Great interview, Om!!

  3. OM – the text on the screen reads backwards (everything from GigOm to Revision3 reads as though you are looking through a spy mirror – are my eyes totally shot – or is something wrong with the clip?

  4. A couple things…

    One, it’s unfortunate The GigaOM Show is being dropped for the summer. The show is well done, and frankly was still good with OM’s absence. For OM to say he can’t have the show go on without him is a tad egocentric and doesn’t hold a larger vision for the program. Put the show first. What’s best for it, and the viewers is the right thing IMO.

    Second, the interview with Jonathan Schwartz was almost terrible. OM’s information was outdated and off target, his questions confronting just to be confronting, with no apparent reason for doing so. I was disappointed with the approach, however– Mr. Schwartz I think did a respectable job in steering the interview toward reality.

    I don’t personally know OM, so my concern isn’t if he stays on the show or not, what I tune in for is information. My concern is that the show keeps going. If OM’s connections and production talents are what drives the high profile guests to the chair, (health concerns being real here) then maybe OM could contribute from the phone a couple times a week. My bet is he’ll be bored off his ass anyway.

    It’s too competitive a tech-show-world to lose momentum, and the Valley moves too fast for any possible narcissism to be a factor in determining the show’s future. A sad day it is.

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