11 thoughts on “The GigaOM Show: Sling It Baby!”

  1. and where the heck is my S60 sling client? I have a beautiful N80 I cant use with my slingbox. the N95 is so great you cant use wifi with the sling client? thanks for nothing blake. why did they even bother to put the symbian logo on the box in north america when only 3 users in the UK can actually use it?

  2. Om,

    The show is great and I will continue to watch but I honestly have to say that you need to lose your co-host.

  3. Om, your show and blog are incredible. Blake talks about S60 and the N95 at about 16minutes 46 seconds into the show. Maybe the show got edited? He said they have it working on Symbian among other mobile platforms. In fact we know it’s working on 3 branded S60 devices in the UK for a long time now. He did not annouce any beta on episode 3. We’ve also seem demos at trade shows. Anyway, glad to see you on rev3. You’re doing great work.

  4. Great 3rd show OM – you keep getting better. Don’t stop being yourself. That’s what we want to see – the original Om Malik we love to read – and now see once a week!

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