21 thoughts on “The GigaOM Show: Special Guests Jeff Clavier & Zimbra CEO”

  1. Great interview. I actually like the “swooshing” sound or the idea of it because at times I tend to open another tab and work on other things while listening to the interview but if I hear a “swoosh” I sometimes go back to see the ticker. Maybe a quicker more simplistic sound would be better.

  2. great show, i loved it!
    Jeff was great, he gave some great info for start ups like me and I like his honesty.
    I am so freaking jealous of Satish and at the same time wish him all the best.

    The day i am on this show is the day i know i made it.
    Keep up the great work

  3. One of the best shows! Jeff was very impressive. Why was he facing away from you? You didn’t offer him Scotch? (or wine in this case:-))

    Jeff, did I understand correctly when you said 20-25% equity for a seed round? Sounds too much! Thanks.

  4. I agree, watching the video, my position is a bit bizarre (we did not have a TV monitor showing us what is being filmed).

    On the seed round dilution, the norm these days is about 15/20%. But as I said, it has to be put in the perspective of your financing strategy as opposed to a single independent event.

  5. With respect to Zimbra, I tend to agree…a bit. I was certain they would hold out for an IPO. Everything seem to be on track. I too have predicted Zimbra would be one of those big brands Salesforce.com. I interviewed some of the folks several times early this year. I am sure that Satish and his VCs have some other reason. Oh, well.

    I am relatively new to your show, but I love the mixed media format. Jeff’s discussion was very interesting. Great topics guys.

    Kameran Ahari

  6. Abhishek

    We have been trying to get Mark to come on the show, but clearly he is busy. We are going to keep trying and see how it goes in the near future. Thanks for your feedback. Really appreciate it.

  7. Om,
    You did a marvelous job with this. I must say that I have found your video work much better than your blog. Please produce more of these on a regular basis. You will quickly create a captive and loyal audience. And thanks also for bringing some sobreity to all the facebook hype.

  8. First time watching this new format. Great topic with a lot of good questions and answers that i think will be quite helpful to a lot of entrepreneurs. I’ll pass this along. Two thumbs up to Jeff as I think he was a terrific guest and quite forthcoming with valuable insights. I liked the swooshing, music & tidbits that were mixed into the interview.

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