6 thoughts on “The IE7 Beta Fracas”

  1. Om, The guy fabricated an email. Literally. I saw the original email that Scoble had sent and the guy added text into it. He made up text and reported that it was in an email and published it as coming from Scoble. Unless someone tampered with the email ahead of time, which I doubt, this guy himself physically altered it to make Scoble say something he never did. This goes beyond any tenent of fair journalism and is ten times worse than even Rather’s sloppy behavior.

    Orlowski has gotten the story wrong in the past as I’ve suggested previously, but he should be fired for this.

  2. i agree with you thomas. you cannot be fabricating stuff. i am with you – the register should take this pretty seriously. i am going by what you wrote, and the story on the web, that’s in poor taste and petty and possibly unethical.

  3. Thomas, Andrew forwarded me the purported Scoble email before he mentioned it in his story. It doesn’t make any sense that someone would fabricate something, forward it on to someon else, and only later us it.

    While I’m not saying that the email actually originated with Robert (and if, as Robert claims, Andrew didn’t bother to try and verify it was from him by calling him that was a mistake) I don’t believe that Andrew simply made it up.

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