6 thoughts on “The Incredibly Shrinking Music Biz — EMI Shutting Down Some Asian Offices”

  1. I want to buy digital music here in South East Asia. I resort to buying Japanese iTunes pre-paid card and using it to download music. I have seen people buying iTunes cards in Thailand and Indonesia. That means there is some demand for digital downloads.

  2. good. may be they will sell Saregama to their fans. I am tired of paying full prices for badly produced vinyl rips or straight from film track without any labor and charge full price when they no royalty payment for long dead md and lyrcists and singers.

  3. Music industry can only shrink. They have enjoyed such a huge over-price over previous decades, due to the constraints of physical distribution -CD/vinyls cost, scarce shelf space-, that they can only shrink now. Labels used to control the distribution and were the ones deciding what would be the hits. Now Internet, mp3 and the low cost to produce content have liberated Music from the tyranny of the labels. That means potentially a bigger share of (smaller) revenues to artists, and huge variety and choice for the user.


  4. CD sales fall for the last few years so as other commenters have mentioned downsizing would sooner or later happen. The music industry has lost historic opportunities to modernise and instead chose to fight to end in order to retain the CD model of distribution. In the meantime it did nothing to keep its customers. Prices have remained extremely high and to say the truth I found that music quality in the last few years has suffered considerably.

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