2 thoughts on “The Indian Paradox”

  1. Om,

    Both [Stephen Roach’s article](http://www.businessworldindia.com/nov0104/indepth02.asp) and [Andy Mukherjee’s article](http://quote.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=10000039&refer=columnist_mukherjee&sid=aWg1zHm2U9Zg) cover the same story, albeit from different perspectives.

    A very cogent note based upon these two articles was put forth by [Suhit Anantula of WorldisGreen.com](http://www.worldisgreen.com/2004/10/20/the-india-paradox-manufacturing-or-services/). I’m not able to get to this link, but here’s the [corresponding Google cache](

    – abhijit.

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