15 thoughts on “The Internet’s Next Killer App: Work”

  1. So this conference is all about how people don’t have to be at the same place to work together. So why do people have to be at the same place to attend the conference?

    Yes, I do understand the rationale. And I do think that face-to-face meetings will still rank highly in importance, especially as impromptu meetings can be as beneficial as planned ones.

    But still, apparently the cloud isn’t powerful enough yet to really replace the workplace (or the meetingplace).

    1. Larry you don’t have to be at the event. You can watch it online — we are streaming it and talk to folks you want to talk to on Twitter. You can be virtual and still attend the conference.

  2. I’ve been in a entirely virtual organization for almost 2 years, it has got advantages, being a remote employee, but there are clear drawbacks too. I think my company does a great job screening people to work in this capacity, the tools we use and such, but more could be done. FYI – They’ve been doing it since 2003. Sounds like an interesting conference, as I know of one other company going totally virtual in a year.

  3. I guess if we look at the bigger picture – this intersection of web & work has given birth to many industries already – Digital Marketing, IT Staffing, BPO, Application Development-Support & Maintenance, IT Infrastructure Management (becoming the next big wave) – all is perfectly taken care remotely with processes, compliant to global standards, in place with clients sitting oceans apart from the delivery center. Workforce can then be called as working in “The Human Cloud” environment almost all the time. The way things are moving The Future of Work will make the Concept of “time-zone” fade away.

  4. Virtual workers is not only the new app for the Internet, it is one of the most necessary ones as unemployment is still quite high (at least in Canada and the US). It is extremely difficult to find work where I am (Kelowna,BC, Canada) so the internet opens up doors that I never would have discovered otherwise.

    The only issue I see with virtual work is wages and salaries may drop significantly as there is more competition out there for those jobs.

  5. Love it, save on traveling and getting tired on the way to work…building costs……total reduction on expenses. I’m looking forward to the new age

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